Productivity Coach's Corner: They’re Watching You

What do your direct reports think about your ability to get things done? What is your “brand” as a leader?

It’s vital to remember the importance of leading by example. What do your direct reports think about your ability to get things done? What is your “brand” as a leader? As you reflect on those two questions, remember this: They’re watching you. Always.

Think of great leaders you’ve worked with. What did they do and how did they act that made you trust them? You knew they were aware of what was going on, and it seemed they could perceive what was coming. Start practicing these effective leadership skills.

1. Pause throughout the day and acknowledge progress: yours or someone else’s. Self-reflection on success magnifies the attention paid to winning. This is healthy in the workplace.

2. Organize your thoughts about the future. Read industry articles or find videos of someone who’s dedicated to seeing what’s coming. The people you’re leading are watching you, so give them a great example of what to do.

Peter Drucker coached leaders to strive for excellence. He wrote, “It takes far more energy and work to improve from incompetence to mediocrity than it takes to improve from first-rate performance to excellence.” Schedule time to focus on your craft. Spend 30 minutes each day learning, reading, discussing, and thinking about your role; not just the job you have today, but what your work will look like one, three, and five years from today.

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