Sticky Notes: It’s Getting Harder to Manage People

Today's managers are struggling in seven key best practice areas.

Five powerful trends in the workplace today are making it harder than ever to manage people: the intensity, complexity, and pace of work is increasing; most organizations are understaffed in multiple key areas; the number of employees officially reporting to each manager is increasing; managers are under increasing pressure to boost their teams’ productivity and quality; and more work is handled in interdependent working relationships and cross-functional teams.

As a result, managers are struggling in seven key best practice areas:

  1. Delegating new complex responsibilities, tasks, and projects to team members
  2. Onboarding and getting new team members up to speed
  3. Providing employees with timely course-correcting feedback and trouble-shooting
  4. Helping employees stay on track with meeting and exceeding their goals and deadlines
  5. Supporting, celebrating, and rewarding above-and-beyond performance
  6. Helping employees meet work-life balance needs
  7. Implementing effective performance improvement plans with low performers and terminating recalcitrant low performers
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