Tech Talk (July/August 2020)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

>> Workforce productivity and analytics software company ActivTrak, Inc., announced the availability of new workforce productivity and analytics features that help companies understand how teams work, identify key success and risk factors, and improve business performance and outcomes. ActivTrak’s new productivity features help companies capture the pulse of workplace activity, both in the office and remotely, and across individuals, roles, groups, and teams. The new features include: real-time productivity snapshots, advanced analytics, pre-built and customizable report templates, and deep integrations with BI tools and other data sources.

>> Business acceleration cloud company CloudShare announced enhanced accessibility of its virtual IT labs with connection to Microsoft Azure. As a result, enterprises now can easily spin up CloudShare on top of Microsoft’s public cloud, allowing users and prospects to immediately leverage purpose-built software solutions for training, sales enablement, sandboxing, and support, as well as Azure’s full resources.

>> Own The Room, an international leader in learning and development, unveiled its new approach to virtual training featuring live, interactive, skill-based lessons led by certified coaches to help professionals advance their communication and presentation skills. Companies that enroll in the online training pair their virtual sessions with the newly launched LifeHikes, an artificial intelligence-driven mobile app, to enhance the learning experience, get actionable metrics, and track progress during and after the virtual training.

>> The Game Agency (TGA) launched The Training Arcade’s JEOPARDY! Online Group Play (OGP), an engagement driver for virtual training and Web conference calls. Building on the only official, Sony licensed JEOPARDY! training game, JEOPARDY! OGP works with all major videoconferencing tools, including Zoom, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Google Hangout, BlueJeans, and more. Using the do-it-yourself game builder in The Training Arcade, game hosts can quickly create and launch games on any topic related to the Web meeting. The host controls the pace of the game throughout the meeting as attendees play along on their computers, tablets, or phones in real time.

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