Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (July/August 2018)

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that is shared with our readers in a print issue. Here are the details of Deloitte LLP’s Welcome to Deloitte Onboarding Evolution and KLA-Tencor’s Engagement Initiative.


Deloitte LLP undertook an effort to transform Welcome to Deloitte (W2D)—its firm-wide new hire onboarding experience for approximately 16,000 new hires annually—to align with business priorities, accommodate the needs and preferences of the modern learner, and better assimilate and engage new hires. Foundational to this initiative is the fact that this onboarding goes beyond the live training program, and is being reimagined as a holistic talent experience that spans from offer acceptance through the new hire’s first year. Using an outcome-focused, learner-centric design, W2D features a blend of formal and informal learning solutions that enable an immersive, seamless, digital experience.

Program Details

Rather than learning or performance objectives, W2D is defined by four primary outcomes for how Deloitte wants new hires to feel coming out of the onboarding experience during their first year:

  1. New hires feel valued—welcomed and recognized for their strengths and experience.
  2. New hires feel empowered—informed and ready to complete new hire tasks, get engaged in their roles, and be productive and successful on their first projects.
  3. New hires feel connected—having built relationships and networks to support staffing, development, and performance.
  4. New hires feel delighted—impressed and excited about joining and being exposed to the Deloitte culture.

Deloitte employed human-centric design, engaging its endusers (new hires) in a series of activities to help define what the W2D experience should look like, including what onboarding content should be deployed, when, and how. First, Deloitte conducted an ideal state version of the current onboarding experience with 100 new hires to measure the impact on new hires feeling valued, connected, and empowered at the start of their career at Deloitte. Outputs from this experience were considered to prioritize investments in automation, content, process, and enhancements. From there, Deloitte conducted a design session that incorporated the voice of the customer into the evolution of the new hire experience. The team consolidated hundreds of ideas from this design session and prioritized pain points and opportunities. Finally, the team brought together 50 recent new hires from across Deloitte’s businesses and from different experience levels over a weekend at Deloitte University to ideate and prototype innovative ways to shape a “distinctively Deloitte” onboarding experience. In this “ideathon,” the innovators brainstormed concepts, created physical prototypes and beta Websites, developed pitches, and further refined concepts.

These prototypes were handed over to the W2D Onboarding Evolution team to determine what content should be included based on delivery method, timing, and intended outcomes.

As a result, W2D now features multiple methods for providing content, welcoming and engaging new hires, and building connections, including:

  • Pre-Hire Tech: Technology-based solutions are made available to new hires after offer acceptance and leading up to their start date that provide key guidance and information, giving them a head start on completing administrative tasks and freeing up time for assimilation and connection starting on day one.
  • Welcome Box: A customized welcome kit—including Deloitte and local office-themed gifts and the new hire’s Deloitte phone—is designed to convey Deloitte’s culture, make new hires feel valued and delighted, and push key information.
  • Live Experience: The two-day live, local-office learning program aims to engage, inform, empower, and connect new hires through a consistent and streamlined experience.
  • Guided Connections: Personalized resources for new hires guide them on the why, how, and who around relationship-building and networking.
  • Transformed Guides: Onboarding Advisorand Coach roles—featuring new hire self-selected or administrative matching—are available to answer questions and provide guidance and support for near-term performance success.


Survey data reflects how new hires feel following the new W2D experience and shows how onboarding outcomes are being achieved:

Deloitte also started to track the average number of days until new hires get staffed on their first project, and has seen a reduction in the number of days for new W2D participants.


KLA-Tencor has a strategic objective to “attract, grow, and inspire” talent. As one of the key metrics, KLA-Tencor has run an annual engagement survey for the last eight years, and has worked hard to achieve strong scores in the survey. Because engaged employees directly drive KLATencor's innovation, revenue, and profitability, senior leaders wanted to ensure engagement scores remained high in 2017.

Toward that goal, the Corporate Learning Center (CLC) partnered with CEO Rick Wallace in a yearlong effort to reinvigorate the culture and values of KLA-Tencor and to refocus leaders and employees on “who KLA-Tencor is” and “what's made it successful.” The project began in January 2017, with two CLC members kicking off a set of recurring meetings with the CEO. The CLC was tasked to:

  • Document KLA-Tencor's current culture and operating environment
  • Assess what was working and not working
  • Recommend changes
  • Create a communication/training on the forward-looking culture and operating environment

In early April, the learning objectives were defined as, Leaders and Employees will understand and feel engaged in:

  • The Mission, Vision, and Strategic Objectives of KLA-Tencor, as well as the definition of success as a company
  • The “ KLA-Tencor Operating System” that makes the organization successful
  • How decision-making works at KLA-Tencor
  • The values that make KLA-Tencor successful, and employees successful within KLA-Tencor

Throughout April, the following content was created:

  • Documentation of the KLA-Tencor Operating System, including a white paper, presentation, and video for global release
  • Curation of “second-level” training for the various components of the Operating System
  • Videos, featuring the CEO, on the mission and vision of the company, as well as its Strategic Objectives
  • Video content on “Accountability@KT” and “Decision-making@KT
  • A video montage featuring 30-plus global leaders sharing their perspectives on the five KLA-Tencorvalues, and five video montages that “deep dive” on each KLA-Tencor value
  • Some 20-plus “extended cuts,” which are 10-minute videos showing individual leaders discussing the company's values in depth
  • An inspirational “ No Boundaries” video that addresses the exciting future of the company and industry

In early May, all of the content was gathered on a video channel: the “ Leadership Insights Toolbox.” The content then was shared with more than 250 global enterprise leaders throughout a one-week Leadership Conference. Concurrent with the conference, the toolbox was released to all enterprise leaders for use in all-hands meetings, staff meetings, and other forums.

From June 2017 to date, leaders have been using the videos all over the world in their quarterly all-hands meetings. In July, the CLC ran a deep-dive session with the CEO's staff and their reports, covering the KLA-Tencor Operating System. In August, the content was integrated into New Hire Orientation. In November, the toolbox was made available to all managers. In December, it was made available to all employees on KLATencor's corporate DLC (Digital Learning Center). This rollout has reached an estimated 3,000-plus employees around the world through all-hands presentations.


The November 2017 engagement survey showed a significant increase over the already positive 2016 scores, including:

  • Retention, Business Model Transformation, Continuous Improvement, and Alignment with Strategy each improved by 4 percentage points.
  • Manager Impact, Innovation, Collaboration, Engagement, Agility, and Alignment with Market each improved by 3 percentage points.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility improved by 2 percentage points.

In fact, of 70 questions, 67 showed improvement; one was hat; and the other two were new questions.


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