Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (Nov/Dec 2017)

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that is shared with our readers in a print issue. Here are the details of SCC Soft Computer’s GROW to the Top program.

SCC Soft Computer: GROW to the Top

SCC Soft Computer gives its clients the opportunity to provide feedback through six-month event surveys and annual customer service satisfaction surveys. The company consistently strives to improve scores each year to ensure quality customer service and grow its position in the marketplace.

These surveys are the cornerstone of the evidence SCC provides that has driven the final score in the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Standards Audit and Certification program each year since 2009. By 2015, SCC’s final audit score had jumped to 132.54, an overall bump of 25.69 points from the initial audit. However, that was still short of the organization’s goal of earning the No. 1 spot among support organizations audited within a 12-month period.

As such, SCC launched its GROW to the Top program company-wide two years ago during the annual manager training kickoff hosted by Human Resources (HR) and Educational Services (EDS). GROW stands for:

  • Gain a more complete perspective
  • Review policies and best practices
  • Organize for the New Year
  • Wow with awesomeness

Program Details

In 2016, SCC’s Client Services department fully embraced the GROW methodology, which included coaching interventions to help managers focus on the mapping, tools, and model given to the team to help improve customer service survey scores.

Content development consisted of on-the-fly tools based on the current competency models and mapping tools, as well as pulling from canned and previously created training tools that were used as refreshers. Webinars and conference calls were used as the primary method to deliver the content. SCC also switched delivery methods for its customer service training program to include a listening Webinar and two online modules that help reinforce the foundational aspects of the program and also time and stress management.

One important addition is the evaluation of support training checklists for new hires. Ongoing coaching between the professional development specialists is helping the departmental technical trainers to fine-tune training checklists, and determine the difference between a training issue and a coaching issue.

Three sample phone audit calls were added to the support programs for the technical support specialists, and the addition of the online modules has shown an increase of certification exam scores by approximately 1 to 2 percent. Scores now range consistently in the 90 percent or higher range.

Weekly CEO involvement, including Daily Support Ops meetings with team managers and multiple guest speakers at the Division, demonstrate that the organization understands the value of communication—and not just through e-mails and spontaneous calls to key personnel throughout the day. This approach created an “echo” company-wide, and the managers involved in the audit from other departments were more prepared to deliver impactful evidence during last year’s audit.


The GROW initiative resulted in the 1.72-point jump (to 134.26) needed in the auditor’s results for SCC to be the No. 1 support center audited by the SCP Program within the last 12 months. Tangible changes in the support process, include:

  • Real-Time Support ACD Routing: Currently, 98 percent of SCC customers are directly connected to the support tech who can resolve the problem.
  • SCC support teams' Response and Resolution Time Goals and Proactive Notification of Customers and Synchronous and Asynchronous Support Response Times all received an audit score of 5, the highest score that can be achieved on any given element of the audit.
  • The efforts resulted in improved upper management commitment and better documented job descriptions (both also receiving a score of 5 on the audit).

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