Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (Nov./Dec. 2018)

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that is shared with our readers in a print issue. Here are the details of Jiffy Lube International’s Guest Relationship Optimization Work flow (GROW) Point-of-Sale System Training and SCO Soft Computer’s SCALE (Staff Capability Augmentation Leverage) program.

Jiffy Lube International: Guest Relationship Optimization Workflow (Grow) Point-Of-Sale System Training

Jiffy Lube International (JLI) provided 155 franchisees with a point-of-sale (POS)/back-office system to use within its 2,000 Jiffy Lube service centers network. In 2014, JLI decided to upgrade the POS using new technology to add new features and options in support of its strategic goals of increasing sales and improving the customer experience.

The POS is used by:

  • Franchisees' back-office personnel to view and manage service center operations
  • Service center managers to manage operations of personnel, inventory, and financials
  • Customer service advisors as part of a service review with customers to select and invoice for services

The plan was to roll out the new Guest Relationship Optimization Workflow (GROW) POS to groups of stores every week within a period of nine months, with a total of 5,500 people being trained. Competent use of the POS was crucial for service center operations and for delivering a consistent, excellent customer experience. As part of the POS project, JLI also refreshed and refocused employee customer service skills.

Program Details

One member of Jiffy Lube International's (JLU) Learning Team was given a one-year, full-time assignment to the GROW project and implementation team. The Jiffy Lube University (JLU) LearningTeam representative worked with the GROW team to determine the audience, content, and timing for the training. Franchisee leadership was involved in the implementation of training at service centers.

Delivery methods included:

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT): The instructors used a virtual platform (presentations, video, and discussions) to present the GROW features and options. VILT classes were provided for service center staff and franchisee back-office staff.

Online Training: Computer-based training (CBT) courses on the new GROW system were developed and deployed in JLU as a prerequisite to the VILT classes and as an ongoing resource for new employees hired after GROW implementation.

Just-in-time videos: Standalone videos were available in JLU for refresher training and for employees who did not attend the VILT. The content was included in online training so new employees could continue GROW training past initial implementation.

The GROW Team discussed the system with employees while they were at the service center implementing the POS system. Jiffy Lube and franchisee district managers also attended the full GROW training. They were required to review the features with store employees and confirm proper utilization during their visits to service centers. JLU store managers' and customer service advisors' online training was updated to include GROW features; this further enhanced system-wide understanding and proper utilization.


  • 5,500 learners completed the GROW CBT courses.
  • 2,000 learners watched the just-in-time videos.
  • 180 VILT classes were conducted with more than 2,500 students participating. The VILT solution saved six months in implementation time and $250,000 in cost compared to an instructor-led solution.
  • VILT classes received a Kirkpatrick Level 1 student feedback score of 4.65 out of 5.
  • Less than 5 percent of IT Help Desk inquiries were related to GROW training.

SCC Soft Computer: SCALE (Staff Capability Augmentation Leverage)

In 2017, SCC Soft Computer sought to double its capacity in Ukraine and Poland for recruiting, training, onboarding, and utilizing current employees in the implementation of all SCC Genetics Information Systems Suite modules and products and for effective post-live support.

The long-term goal was to have in place by December 2018 all the resources SCC will need to support its new 5.0 suite of products. This included the following personnel required to serve SCC clients in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia/Oceania:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Business analysts
  • Product implemented
  • Post-live support
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory affairs

SCC created the SCALE (Staff Capability Augmentation Leverage) global implementation team to address the current and expected implementation needs of the company as it continues its expansion beyond the Americas. The training aims to:

  • Prioritize the most urgent gaps in overseas Genetics Implementation teams with regard to product, technical skills, customer service, and accent reduction courses— as well as rapid user manual development.
  • Re-orient the technical, computer-based knowledge base that all SCALE recruits have so each one can understand the medical context of each line of code and each bit of product functionality. Learners must always have a patient in mind and represent SCC's vision: "We don't just design, develop, deliver, implement, and support laboratory and genetics information management systems; we help our clients save lives.”
  • Identify tentative internal matchestofill gapsquickly.
  • Create a light, efficient process to migrate, orient, mentor, educate, and train Genetics Suite implementers.
  • Assess the 2018-2019 needs of 5.0 with stakeholders worldwide. Adopt a change mindset.

Program Details

The training provided to SCALE staff is a mix of hands-on and professional/theoretical, as well as client trips to get exposure. Now 100 staff strong, SCALE is progressing along a much-defined curriculum and certification scheme that aims to orient SCALE personnel with the winning mindsets of "Putting Our Clients First” and focusing on "Patient Safety” while equipping them with the technical, software, and soft skills they need to be successful product implementers.

Training consists of "just-in-time” events mentors can implement on the fly while working with a SCALE candidate. Often, these mentors are not in the same country, so solutions must be flexible enough to implement through any type of training channel or method.

A series of online courses includes:

  • Leading Others Through Change
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Meeting Management

SCC also created Customer Service Webinars, including a refresher course and a train-the-trainer program. These programs are delivered remotely to participants with the assistance of in-classroom facilitators at the participant sites who help run the exercises.

One of SCC's overseas training project managers is developing a client-based educational and intelligence resource for implementers. This resource has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) format, a Wiki search site, and a Best Practices repository that features data from actual client training visits, adventures in configuration, and implementations.


  • Some 50 percent of the SCALE candidates have increased their English usage due to the accent reduction programs.
  • As a result of the rapid development training, 100 percent of training manuals have been translated into French by SCALE candidates for French super users.
  • SCC has oriented approximately 85 percent of the SCALE personnel with the winning mindsets of: Putting Clients First; Patient Safety; Supporting Clinicians; and Delivering Quality and Value, Enthusiastic Co-Workers, and Delighted Customers.
  • Four new genetics customers signed contracts, with SCALE candidates assigned to these projects, signaling an expansion of the scope of SCALE's geography and reflecting major marketing and sales wins for SCC.

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