Top 10 Human Capital Priorities for 2016

The No. 1 priority, according to a survey of 550 business leaders, HR leaders, and consultants by Waggl, is "encouraging/engendering a growth/ownership mindset."

Some 97% of 550 business leaders, HR leaders, and consultants responded, “Yes,” to a Waggl survey that asked whether they believe listening to their employees and incorporating their ideas is critical to an organization’s success.

In addition, “our research found that nearly three-quarters of the business and HR leaders who responded are focused on developing a new type of leadership in the coming year—not one of autocratic hierarchy, but rather one that encourages personal accountability, collaboration, and trust throughout the organization,” says Michael Papay, CEO of Waggl (, which helps companies of all sizes to succeed by building a listening culture.

Waggl distilled the top human capital priorities for 2016 from 526 answers and 7,550 votes via Waggl’s crowdsourced engine into a Top 10 list.

1) 74.1% of participants voted for “Encouraging/ engendering a growth/ownership mindset; we call it leadership at all levels.”

2) 73.1% voted for “Leadership development throughout the field, with a strong emphasis on personal accountability.”

3) 71.6% voted for “Agility, collaboration, and trust.” 4) 71.1% voted for “Finding the right talent who are innovative and can take the organization to the next level.”

5) 70.6% voted for “Influencing the company culture to have more authentic, people-oriented managers and to reward and promote those who are successfully engaging their people, not the ones who get the best results but do not show the right leadership behaviors.”

6) 69.9% voted for “Focus on culture and improving employee engagement; exploring new approaches to learning and development.”

7) 69.3% voted for “Developing a learning culture in order to create, share, and apply new knowledge.”

8) 69.1% voted for “Creating a culture where each employee feels valued and heard.”

9) 69.1% voted for “Retention of top talent through comparative advantage of ensuring people have work that is challenging, taps into employees’ talents, and they have passion for the work itself.”

10) 68.2% voted for “Building trust and collaboration between senior leadership and the rest of the workforce, and across silos.”

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