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Top 125 In-Tuition: Part 2

In the November/December 2013 issue of Training, we reported on the general practices of the 2013 Training Top 125 winners (plus an additional 26 organizations that were on the cusp of making the Top 125 list last year) regarding tuition reimbursement. But readers wondered whether the practices are consistent across all organizations or differ among industries.

Training at Your Fingertips

Performance support tools—whether traditional in the form of mentoring and coaching or technologically advanced and online—can be workforce game-changers. When your employees find themselves stumped in the middle of a challenging task, these tools give them a place to turn for quick, just-in-time answers. The challenge is understanding the support tools available today and which are right for your employees.

Immersion in the Sub-Sahara

In Africa, there is an age-old learning tradition that is still practiced today: storytelling. Villagers learn about the values and behaviors that will be conducive to the success of the tribe by being together, sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the elders of the village talk. What has been true throughout the centuries is still true today.

What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

Big data can be daunting, but its analysis is making significant differences in organizations. By analyzing complex data sets across functional silos, organizations are gaining insights to help catalyze change, improve access to experts, speed onboarding, retain talent, and identify root causes for complicated issues. It improves the learning environment, and even the Learning & Development organization itself.

Negotiate for Better Learning Outcomes

IF YOU’RE AN INTERNAL Learning & Development (L&D) professional, you direct the action among management, consultants, and learners and need to use negotiation skills with each party to produce meaningful outcomes.

Help Wanted: Non-Technical Skills

When it comes to leadership/management training, we often focus on the points of pain for the business, such as diminished performance, low morale, or higher turnover. But what about the points of pain for the leaders/managers themselves?

Focus on Denmark

A manager in Denmark is more a leader, a coach, a guide compared to the more directive managers of the U.S.

2014 Best Practices and Outstanding Training Initiative Award Winners

One area ADP business leaders continuously seek to improve is decreasing time to productivity of newly hired sales representatives in a rapid, agile way. Accelerating First-Year Sales Performance was created in 2013 to address this challenge and support ADP’s strategic goal of Agility (building and selling great products faster).

Mentors Matter

Mentors rarely realize the impact they have on the lives they touch. Adjusting strategies with the grace of a martial arts master, the best of them shift seamlessly from teacher to coach, confidante to counselor, cheerleader to drill sergeant, all in an effort to bring out your best.

2014 Top Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives

For the first time since the creation of the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in 2008, Training magazine required all Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that would be judged by each other and shared with our readers.

Continuous Improvement at CHG

Health-care staffing company CHG Healthcare Services had a year of doubling down and focusing on becoming even stronger at what it does best. In addition to ongoing efforts such as keeping its leadership pipeline strong and cultivating an engaged workforce, the company looked for ways to become a Leaner organization

Mohawk’s Training Floors the Competition

Flooring manufacturer Mohawk Industries knows it’s at a pivotal point in its growth. Last year, the Training team distinguished itself by supporting the company in its efforts to top competitors. There also were gains made in providing learners with the technology they need to be prepared for their jobs.

Stepping Into Their Shoes

Q Much of our training—from Emotional Intelligence to Consultative Selling—promotes the idea of considering another person’s perspective. That’s easier said than done. Can you offer any advice on how to put it into practice?

Focus On Africa

Goodnews Cadogan is an executive leadership and professional-life coach who focuses on individual, team, and organization development. As founder of the nonprofit Centre for Courageous Authenticity in Leadership in South Africa, he stresses advocacy, research, displays of courage and authenticity, and professionalism as a means of effecting lasting change or transformation.


Training Top 125

2017 Training Top 125 winners demonstrated a strong focus on effective training and employee development tied to corporate strategic goals and business impact.

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