2014 Ttv Winners

LRN's "Diversity and Discrimination in Hiring Practices: The Chosen One" was voted the No. 1 Top Training Video at a special awards ceremony at Buddy Guy’s Legends Club in Chicago.

Chicago, IL (February 24, 2014)—A wizard, elf, satyr, and other mythical creatures took center stage as LRN's whimsical "Diversity and Discrimination in Hiring Practices: The Chosen One" video earned the No. 1 spot in Training magazine's first Top Training Videos (Ttv) awards program.

Participants at Training magazine’s Online Learning Conference voted last night at a special event at Buddy Guy’s Legends Club to determine the rankings of the Top 5 videos in the 2014 Ttvs.

Companies were asked to send in a two-minute video clip of one of their training programs. Each company could submit two videos. Nearly 140 video clips were submitted. Eight of the magazine’s 2013 Emerging Training Leaders judged the submissions first:

  • Abdallah Al-Jurf, National Water Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Elizabeth Hannon, Accretive Health, Inc.
  • Charles Ho, MTR Corporation Limited
  • Rachel Klemens, CHG Healthcare Services
  • Kara LaChance, Wequassett Resort and Golf Club
  • Christine Marciano, Nationwide Insurance
  • Jacob Pantoja, Vanguard
  • Borys Zhalilo, Solutions2b LLC

The 10 clips that earned the highest scores were provided to singer/songwriter, author, and social media innovator Dave Carroll (who created the “United Breaks Guitars” video), who chose the Top 5. Online Learning Conference attendees then watched those five clips and voted for their favorite (Turning Technologies provided the audience response system for the voting). The one with the most votes earned the No. 1 spot. Each of the top 5 received a crystal award at the event.

The Top 5 winners are as follows:

No. 1: Diversity and Discrimination in Hiring Practices: The Chosen One, LRN

Background: LRN produced this video in-house for use by its clients as part of their ethics and compliance programs. This video was designed to reinforce: a company’s commitment and employees’ responsibility to the diversity of thought and potential for innovation that comes of a diverse workforce; and key points related to discrimination in hiring practices. This approach is about employing individuals with a variety of life experiences, opinions, beliefs, and skills and creating an environment where everyone feels like an important part of the team.

Judge comment: “They took a workplace classic—diversity in the workplace—and turned it on its ear. I love that I made the same (albeit wrong) assumptions in the video that the antagonist did. This is a hit.”

LINK: https://vimeo.com/97982206

Password: tm1

No. 2: “The Biggest Loser Awards,” Cohn Creative Group

Background: One of Cohn Creative Group’s clients had experienced the loss of its clients’ confidential information due to the carelessness of employees. While employees had good intentions, they often simply were unaware of how their actions could lead to a data breach. The client requested a video that would raise employees’ awareness of data security issues without making them feel criticized. The resulting humorous approach was designed to soften the criticism and helped employees focus on the message about the importance of data security.

Judge comment: “Very creative! I loved the voiceover as the ‘winner’ walked up to receive his award.”

LINK: https://vimeo.com/user19430482/review/98559645/7b61b4e901

Password: security

No. 3: Performance Review: Code Red, VideoArts

Background: Performance Review: Code Red demonstrates techniques for dealing with the three performance reviews managers dread most: the employee about to resign; the employee who takes criticism personally; and the employee who takes control. The video is used by managers who need to conduct annual appraisals or performance reviews across a range of organizations. The video is used to deliver internal training via the Video Arts ON>DEMAND video platform either online or in training seminars using the associated trainer’s pack.

Judge comment: “Great use of editing and panning to keep multiple narratives in synch. I like the use of story to share knowledge and best practices.”

LINK: http://www.videoarts.com/appraisals-review-and-performance/performance-review-code-red/

No. 4: Bridgestone Consumer Tire Education Program Motivational Video, SweetRush

Background: Tire company Bridgestone outsourced this video to SweetRush, which produced the video from script development to delivery. Bridgestone chose SweetRush to create its new online university and “gamified” learning portal. But this comprehensive engagement would be for naught if sales associates were not inspired to take the courses. Hence, the video was created to get associates excited about the new online education program. Using a quick tempo and humor, the video speaks to associates’ challenges, needs, and aspirations, while inspiring and motivating them to use the courses to improve their careers and lives.

Judge comment: “This is a great use of 3-D animation video to motivate learners, connect them to a broader business purpose, and to incite action. Great, high-quality animation, scripting, audio, editing…the whole works.”

LINK: http://www.sweetrush.com/demos/BS_CTE_promo_video.mp4

No. 5: “Attack of the Fatigue Monster,” L-3 Communications

Background: The video was written, produced, directed, videotaped, and edited by the company’s Continuous Improvement Group of Industrial Engineers and in-house Videographer Department. The goal for the organization this year was a concentrated campaign to educate the workforce on the 12 Human Factors of aircraft maintenance. The focus in the fatigue video was not to get people to stop drinking energy drinks or even to change their sleeping habits, but rather to create an awareness campaign that helps them realize such habits are harmful to their health and contribute to their fatigue and show safer, effective options with which to deal with fatigue.

Judge comment: “Simply good format, idea, structure, and script.”

LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cijv1f034c8c1w/Bigfoot%20Fatigue%20shorter%20version.mp4

In the interests of sharing best practices, Training asked all submitting companies if we could post the links to their videos so readers could see the innovative things they are doing with training videos. In alphabetical order by company, here are the links to the video clips applicants granted permission to us to post:


Awana Cubbies Leader Training


Bethel School District

Back Up Procedures



Bystander DPR Training: Don’t Wait for the Help, Be the Help


Behavior Observation Modeling


Canadian Medical Protective Association

Disruptive Behavior: A Case Study


SBAR - A Structured Communication Technique


Cathy Moore

Save the World from Boring Training



Cine Learning Productions

UOP Teacher Ethics Video - Out for a Drink


Denver Learning Institute

Employee Training: Success Strategies for the Work Place


Digital Monitoring Products

Wire and Address a 714 Zone Expander Module


Enter Alpha Characters on a DMP Keypad



Active Listening - Get on the Bus


Forrest Performance Group

Using Forethought: Theater of Your Mind (Visualization Exercise To Increase Sales)



Strategic Planning Process


iSpeak, Inc.

Corporate Ovations, Chapter 1: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety


Corporate Ovations, Chapter 5: Closing a Presentation with Power


The Jeff Havens Company

Leveraging the Power of Generations


Sexual Harassment



Invisible Wounds


Kepner-Tregoe, Inc

Tamworth “Fogged Film” Case Introduction


Kindred Healthcare

Turn Stile Training Video



Another Phishy Email


Ora Coaching Ltd.

Need More Support at Work?


Attention Multi-Taskers!



Security Incident Response Awareness


Prospera Credit Union

What Not to Do

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ygzjnw6clgf8i2i/2 minute final  Prospera.mp4

(For best quality, download the video first, then view)

Rapid Learning Institute

Selling Essentials Minute: Voicemail: Make Them WANT to Take Your Next Call


Selling Essentials Minute: David Ogilvy on Pricing and Value


Utility Business Media

Hardwired Inhibitions (Sizzle Reel)


Vantage Point Performance

Sales “Coaching” Gone Wrong


Video Visions

Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It? - 2nd Edition


Vubiz Inc

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career


Weill Cornell Medical College

Quick Tip Video: Remove Results (Totals) From Report



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