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Why the Outlier May Be Your Best New Hire

Outliers can be challenging because they often don’t fit into the management templates already in place. However, this presents the opportunity to create new templates that work even better.

A New Personality Assessment: Are You a Dog or Cat?

A different way to assess employee personalities to understand the best way to get them to do what the organization needs accomplished.

The Challenges of Delivering Feedback Remotely

In a remote work environment, frequent, swift, and informal feedback happens much less often than in a physical office.

How to Encourage Employees to Share New Ideas

If you provide a safe environment, a fair hearing, and receptive feedback, most of your employees can become great generators of the kind of new ideas you need to stay relevant to your customers.

Training Employees to Have Empathy for People They Don’t Like

It’s not unusual for employees to experience friction with co-workers. One strategy to conflict resolution is to engender mutual sympathy or empathy.

Communicating Your Values to Job Seekers

Today’s job seekers increasingly are drawn to workplaces that align with and operate by their values, according to new data from LinkedIn.

Training Away Workplace Panic

When your employees have sound processes in place and know what to do when the worst happens, they have much less reason to shriek to themselves, “What do I do? What do I do?” when faced with a crisis.

Training Leaders to Lead During Uncertain Times

“It’s important for employers to remain level-headed, sensible, and predictable, and present a strong image, focusing on the solidarity of their employees in turbulent economic times,” notes one expert.

Can You Train Leaders to Be Authentic?

Being an authentic leader means opening yourself up to being vulnerable with your employees and having an honest, ongoing back-and-forth exchange with them.

Drinks, Anyone?

The future of afterwork socializing in the post-pandemic culture.

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