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Equal Opportunity for Innovation

I’ve found that managers and department heads often need help acknowledging their biases about their expectations for employees, and then moving past those biases to be equally welcoming of innovation from ALL employees.

Should You Train Employees to Manage Up?

Helping employees optimize not just their own needs and work, but that of the people working above them.

Joining the “Lying Flat” Movement

Pushed to the brink by unreasonable workloads and pandemic stress, some employees are giving up their work responsibilities to make relaxation the centerpiece of their lives.

Introverts Might Be Pining to Go Back to the Office, Too

With an in-person experience a few times a week, buffered by workstations that offer noise control and privacy on at least a few sides, you might be shocked at how enthusiastic your introverts are about your reopened office.

Charmed? We’re Not so Sure

Your employees may find a less civil—and more stressful—workplace when they return to the office.

Is Your Vaccination Policy Creating Haves and Have-Nots?

A vaccination mandate that applies to corporate employees, but not front-line workers, may make the latter feel as if the company does not value their safety.

Balancing Respect for Mental Health and Work Commitments

It’s important to train managers to talk through mental health concerns with employees.

How Important Is Workplace Fun to Employees?

Fun and enjoyment is a great nice-to-have in the workplace, but nothing reigns supreme over respect.

Do Employees Need Training on Managing in a Virtual Workplace?

A recent study shows managers’ performance suffered during the pandemic when most were operating virtually for the first time. They turned inward and became task-focused at the expense of relationship building, the study found.

The Pandemic’s Lessons on the Value of Boundaries

The pandemic taught us that, as much as we are stimulated by in-person interactions, we need a balance that includes boundaries—both physical and in the number and kind of interactions we have with colleagues and those we live with.

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