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Jury Service with Multiple Counts of Learning

Lessons often can be learned from jury service that can be applied to an employee’s work life, or even how the whole organization operates.

Does “Toxic Boss” Jimmy Fallon Deserve a Second Chance?

An apology is not enough. Toxic managers need to own up to their bad behavior and learn from their mistakes.

Career Learning from My Participation in Bama Rush

Training your organization’s managers to learn about employees’ unique stories and experiences can help in their career development and work performance.

Involving Employees in Cost-Cutting Decisions

From company image to lost business opportunities and damaged corporate culture, not getting employee input on where to reduce expenses can be catastrophic.

Getting Maximum Impact from “Bare Minimum Mondays”

The idea is to do as little as possible on Monday to preserve your strength and energy for the rest of the week.

Are “Loud Laborers” Killing Your Workplace Morale?

Self-promoting employees who emphasize what they are doing or planning to do rather than doing the work itself can create an imbalanced environment and demotivate team members.

How Do You Train Adaptability?

Training on active listening and problem-solving skills can help employees adapt quickly to changing customer expectations.

What It Takes to Get Entry-Level Employees to Stay

Providing adequate pay, development opportunities, reach assignments, and inclusion in meetings with leadership can play a big role in entry-level employee retention.

Using AI to Enhance Employee Learning and Customer Service

AI can make work easier and more efficient but may be a barrier to learning and practicing skills. But it also could free up more time for higher-level work.

Making Employee Mental Health a Priority

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2023 Work in America Survey, some 92 percent of respondents said it is important to them for their employer to provide support for employee mental health.

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