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The Art and Science of Making a Good Decision

How is it possible to determine whether you (or someone else) made a good decision? To answer that, we need to reflect on what makes a "good" decision.

Leading in the Digital Age

Digital transformation needs digital leaders who display humility and have an open mindset enables them to embrace the world as it is.

In Memoriam: L&D Legend Ray Jimenez

The chief architect of Training Magazine Network, Ray Jimenez never missed the chance to both share his extraordinary knowledge, experience, and expertise and brainstorm new ideas with others in the L&D space.

The Importance of Training for New Leaders in Global Roles

The success of your leaders will depend on the professional knowledge and leadership skills needed to interact with their team and company stakeholders effectively.


In Memoriam

Ray Jimenez Founder + Chief Learning Architect, Training Magazine Network 1951 – 2023

Save $300 on the Training 2024 Conference

The Training 2024 Conference & Expo is back in Orlando, Feb. 26-28. Register early to save $300. Bring a team and save more!

Growing the Bottom Line: How Training and Development Creates Long-Lasting ROI

Recruiting a strong team requires investment of time and money, both of which are expensive. Learn how to grow your bottom line with training.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: TSI’s Talent and Skills Institute Leadership Capability Academy

The foundation of the academy is a suite of proprietary self-guided leadership courses that feature knowledge and best practices contributed by TSI’s most successful leaders and subject matter experts.

What Are the Big Workplace Technologies for 2024?

From digital AI assistants to one-on-one videoconferencing booths, 2024 will see the emergence of lots of new workplace tech.

Can AI Be Used to Personalize Employee Learning and Development?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve and revolutionize the educational system significantly.

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