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Tips for Improving Your Workplace Safety Training

There’s more than one way to teach workers how to stay safe on the job. Use these employee safety training tips to find the right approach for your crew.

The Rise of AI in Transforming Learning Modalities

AI’s role in learning and development continues to evolve—going beyond just content to methods and means through which learning content is delivered to and interacted with by the user.

How Organizations Can Enhance Their Sustainability Training Programs

Sustainability training expert Celli Lloyd from AXA Climate School shares his thoughts on how organizations can enhance and improve their sustainability training programs.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Blue Sprig Pediatrics’ RBT Training

The revamped program for Registered Behavior Technicians includes gamification, more interactivity, live Webinars called Learning Labs, and a new peer mentor program.


Nominate an Emerging Training Leader!

Recognize the contributions of L&D professionals who have been in the training field between 2 and 10 years, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills.

Save $300 on TechLearn 2024 in Austin!

Attend Training magazine’s learning technology conference Sept. 17-19 in Austin, Texas. Register by July 26 to automatically save $300!

6 Ways to Keep Employees Happy During a Corporate Relocation

Tips on how employers can retain talent by ensuring employees feel happy and appreciated during a corporate relocation.

How to Implement a 360 Performance Review

Traditional performance reviews are old news. Learn how to implement a 360 performance review in this article.

Do You Train for Gracious Leadership?

Gracious executives and managers listen with purpose, recognize they don’t have all the answers, and demonstrate uncompromising respect for everyone, according to author Janet Smith Meeks.

Tech Talk (April 2024)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

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