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How Creative Are You Willing to Get to Build Your Talent Pipeline?

Snobbery and one-dimensional thinking have no place in an organization that wants the most robust and competent talent pipeline possible.

Communicating Remotely Without Micromanaging or “Death by Meeting”

What most needs to be communicated when people are working remotely is what’s expected of them so they don’t have to struggle with role/task ambiguity.

Optimizing Your Leadership Ratios

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of ebook “Leadership—Perfecting Your Approach and Style” by Paul B. Thornton (on Amazon Kindle).

No Matter the Definition, Virtual Learning Checks the Boxes

Virtual learning is providing today’s remote workforce with the types of educational opportunities they need to stay relevant and up-to-date.


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Play and Learn at Work

Excerpt from “Pause. Breathe. Choose: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being” by Naz Beheshti (New World Library, copyright 2021).

Training Top 100 Best Practice: Paycor’s Ascent Sales Onboarding

The eight-week program consists of 140 hours of facilitation; 11 hours of e-learning; 163 hours of learner experiences; and a repository of processes, data, and reflections.

Why Now Is the Time to Start Using VR for Your Employee Training

Enterprise VR holds huge promise as it delivers effective, engaging training that also includes the sociable, collaborative, and tactile elements of in-person learning, plus a wealth of trackable data.

How to Expand Your Repertoire

The biggest mistake that keeps people from getting smarter is thinking that being smart is a fixed status, rather than a dynamic process.

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