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Training Top 100 Best Practice: DISH Network’s New Hire Evolution

The redesigned program aimed to evolve the new hire experience to develop self-sufficient, confident, and high-performing agents through interactivity, modeling, and hands-on application.

Training Employees to Deliver the COVID-19 Vaccine

Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide a solution when it comes to training on dispensing COVID-19 vaccines.

Can You Hear Me Now?

What buying a new phone teaches you about customer service.

Breakthrough: 5 Simple Steps to Letting Go of the Past

Excerpt from “Transform Your Story: Letting Go of the Past When It Won’t Let Go of You” by Linda A. Olson (June 2020).

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Language Shifts Leaders Can Start Making Today

Leaders need to bring about change to their organizations by starting first with themselves.

Changing Sales Training Methodology (Part 1)

Every interaction between salespeople and clients should serve to further the client’s understanding of the services on offer—and what makes them unique.

Good Team Culture: Pitfalls and Effective Strategies

You need to be always looking out for ways to improve your team and address any problems that arise.

Putting Momentum in Your Instruction (Part 2)

Momentum is mostly about keeping a rhythm. You can easily put rhythm into your lessons by thinking in terms of directional signs and changing landscapes on a good road trip.

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