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Building an Active Community Around Your Training Organization’s Brand

Uniting hearts and minds is key to success. But how can learning and development professionals build an active community around your organization's brand?

The Buzzwords in Job Ads that Could Cost You New Talent

Terms such as “rock star,” “thick skin,” and schedule TBD” in job ads may raise a red flag for potential new hires.

How Will E-learning Transform Education in a Post-COVID 19 World?

Growing digitalization in education, the proliferation of smartphones and the internet, and the COVID-19 pandemic are all augmenting the global e-learning market.

5 Trends Disrupting Learning and Development in 2022

Here are five trends disrupting the learning and development industry to consider as your organization contends with the challenges of post-COVID 19.


2022 Online Courses

Take your training and career to the next level with a Training magazine online certificate. Led by industry experts, courses cover training design, delivery, techniques, and tools.

Bring Your Team to Disney World

It’s time to connect and collaborate with your training peers. Join us February 28 – March 2 at the Training Conference & Expo in Florida. Team discounts are available!

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: ESL Federal Credit Union’s Emerging Leader Program

The core learning experience lasts for 16 weeks and utilizes a blend of methodologies, including instructor-led workshops, gamification, social learning, panel discussions, and a capstone project.

How to Prioritize Your Time and Do What Matters Most

Getting into the habit of planning will empower you to prioritize your time and do what matters most week in and week out. 

Post-Pandemic Recovery Resources

Here are five factors that constitute the foundation of a supportive workplace to improve organizational performance and competitiveness.

Hiring Tech and DEI Practices to Build More Diverse Organizations

New hiring technologies will make it possible for DEI-minded organizations like yours to capitalize on a truly global talent marketplace.

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