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Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Tata Consultancy Services’ Design Thinking for Growth & Transformation

The 12-week program is 100 percent virtual, team based, and immersive, with each team bringing its own business unit challenge/theme.

Gamified Training Spins up Profitability for BSH Home Appliances

The retail industry as a whole is increasingly seeing advanced workforce training options as key to solving some of the sector's toughest business challenges.

Most Effective Leadership Styles and Practices During COVID-19

Impactful leaders can find new possibilities in persistent crises like COVID-19 and give the community hope for a better future.

Do Your Front-Line Employees Need Makeshift Panic Buttons?

Faced with the continuing pandemic, supply chain shortages, and resulting irate customers, front-line employees may require crisis training and a way to summon support quickly when needed.


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Keeping Employees on Track with New Technology

Training current employees on new technologies is critical as it can affect employees' productivity and efficiency.

How to Build a Sustainability Education Program

Introducing sustainability education in company culture helps create fast and effective progress towards achieving environmental goals.

How to Defeat Work-from-Home Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

To prevent work-from-home burnout, reframe your company culture and policies to remote work as the new normal.

Key Skills for Today’s Learning and Development Professionals

Learning and development (L&D) professionals must hone employees' skills, knowledge, and behavior to adapt to the changing times.

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