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The Right Way to Make Mistakes

Excerpted from The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence: Everything You Need to Know, copyright © 2023 by Robert L. Dilenschneider.

For Lasting Success, Gen Z Needs to Embrace Lifelong Data-enabling Skills

Gen Z has a host of learning options, from personalized learning pathways to dedicated academies, coding bootcamps, and even mixed and virtual reality. 

The Life-Changing Impact of “What Do You Think?”

Excerpted from Fast Forward, copyright © 2023 by Wendy Leshgold and Lisa McCarthy. Reprinted with permission from Matt Holt Books, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc. All rights reserved.

10 Best Ways to Motivate a Remote Team

Motivating a remote team requires thoughtful strategies that go beyond traditional in-person approaches.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Harris Health System’s Supervisor/Manager Skill Building

The curriculum combines action-learning activities, simulations, group discussions, team exercises, lectures, case studies, and projects to help prepare leaders for the challenges of healthcare transformation.

Sound Great from Home: 3 Things to Consider

Keeping three simple factors, reverb, noise and awareness, in mind, you can improve the sound of your home workspace.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating Difficult Conversations

Here’s what it looks like when you turn something you’ve been dreading into something positive.

Employee Engagement: Giving Each Person an Opportunity To Be Heard

One simple and powerful way to increase employee engagement is to give each person the opportunity to be heard.

Why Skills Might Squash the Job Description

This is an edited excerpt from Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes by Dan Pontefract (Figure 1 Publishing, 2023)

How to Maintain DEI Momentum and Avoid Commitment Drift

Training professionals should consider leveraging technology by implementing digital inclusion content into learning management systems.

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