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How to Build and Increase Inclusion Within Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofits that align their boards to reflect the values and diversity of those they serve are better positioned for continued growth and evolution.
Training Magazine

4 Ways Most Managers Spend Their Time, and What to Do Instead

Most managers spend most of their management time on four pernicious time drains. Here's how managers can better use their time.
Training Magazine

Introducing Agile for Non-software Teams

Do you think that Agile is only for tech? Read how using Agile for non-software projects can bring benefits to your team.
Training Magazine

Is Your Employee Digital Learning Offering Ready to Unlock Additional Value?

Corporate digital learning services can add heaps of value to employees and your employer's brand.
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To Be a Better Manager, Excel at Three Attributes

Becoming an employee-centric manager (ECM) takes awareness, development, and practice.
A book excerpt from chapter 19 of Leveling the Paying Field (Indigo River Publishing, September 21, 2021) by Rick Gillis.

Leveling the Paying Field: A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay

A book excerpt from chapter 19 of Leveling the Paying Field (Indigo River Publishing, September 21, 2021) by Rick Gillis.
Training Mag

The Importance of Personalized Data in Security Awareness Training

When creating cyber security-aware employees, personalized reporting can provide the granular details your company needs to succeed.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: WellSpan Health’s Leadership CARE Community

This virtual effort allowed the organization to reach out to all leaders and offer them a venue to express their needs and be offered solutions in the here-and-now moments they were dealing with during the pandemic.
Trust and Inspire

Command and Control vs. Trust and Inspire

This distinction between command and control and trust and inspire is key to narrowing the gap between potential and performance.
Training Magazine

Transformational Leadership is Key to Guiding Your Business Towards the Knowledge Economy

Corporate culture and structure constitute a supportive workplace to improve knowledge management and reduce operational risk.

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