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Investing in the Careers of Underrepresented Employees

Providing access to career development coaching is a powerful way to create a sense of belonging and close the opportunity gap.
Training Magazine

Planning Your 2022 Social Media Commerce Strategy

When it comes to planning your business’s 2022 social media strategy, personalization and engagement should be at their core.
Training Magazine

8 Best Internal Communication Tools to Engage Employees

Here are eight communication tools to ensure employees are actively engaged in the day-to-day activities and communicating with each other.
Training Magazine

Working Smarter to Reap the Benefits of the 4-Day Work Week

After more than three months on a four-day work week, eFileCabinet found the results so far to be astounding.
The Great Resignation - Training Magazine

6 Ways to Retain Talent During the “Great Resignation”

Here are six ways companies can retain talent during the Great Resignation and make employees love their job again.
Training Magazine

Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce with New Tools

Hiring managers are turning to new technologies to help them quickly match job candidates and existing employees to the right roles.
Training Magazine

Can Emotional Intelligence Training Help Workplace Microaggressions?

Focusing on emotional intelligence enables leaders to acknowledge and overcome their own biases before holding others accountable.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Huntington National Bank’s High-Potential Diverse Talent Development Programs

The organization created its Luminate and Transformations programs to develop and progress diverse top talent in a more efficient and intentional manner and in a way that is aligned with Huntington National Bank’s vision and values.
Training Magazine

Revisiting & Updating the Role of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a multi-team process that extends beyond an initial employee orientation and helps new employees start successfully.
Training Magazine

Overcoming Challenges to Democratizing Leadership Development

The goal of fully democratized leadership development is to create a cohesive leadership culture transcending all levels and geographies.

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