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the masterclass effect

The Masterclass Effect: How to Transform Entertainment Learning Into New Skills

In a world of self-development platforms and consumer-grade learning, engagement isn’t enough to transform “watching new skills” into actual new skills.

2021 Emerging Training Leader Winners

Training magazine announces the 25 winners of its 2021 Emerging Training Leaders Awards.
how training in the workforce has changed forever

How Training in the Workforce Has Changed Forever

The most resilient learning programs are agile and utilize technologies that allow employers to better meet the needs of their employees.
curbing bias through virtual reality - training magazine

Curbing Bias and Improving Teamwork Through Virtual Training

Through virtual training and 3d simulations, participants can identify unconscious biases, understand why they may be hurtful, and demonstrate effective communication.
To Build a Strong Corporate Culture, Take These Actions

How to Build a Strong Corporate Culture

Building on corporate culture enables companies to continuously innovate and create new and valuable services or products.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: Two Men and a Truck International’s Train to Retain...

Train to Retain uses existing training and funds from Two Men and a Truck’s Ad Fund to promote employee retention at its franchises and offer reimbursement for the completion of offered trainings.
Best of the Best

The Best of the Best

When you bring your best to the table, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you bring out the best in others.
7 Key Questions to ask your potential LMS vendor BEFORE you decide

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Learning Management System Vendor

An efficient and effective learning management system can boost employee productivity and maximize return on investment.
navigating through change

How to Train Your Sales Team to Navigate Through a Crisis

Sales teams that are able to navigate through a crisis and adapt to change are better prepared for what’s to come.
2021 TMN Choice Awards

Training magazine Announces the Winners of Its 2021 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards

Training magazine reveals the winners of its crowd-sourced vendor awards program: the 2021 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards.

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2022 Training Top 100 application deadline extended to 9/20