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Advantages of VR and 3D Immersive Technology in Training

The immersive experience of VR and the ability to provide a wide array of training experiences means learners are attuned to the experience, boosting their retention of information.

5 Myths of Executive Coaching and the Truth Behind Them

Executive coaching is about recognizing the strengths of existing and ascending leaders and maximizing their personal and professional potential.

How Could We Have Trained for This?

Not surprisingly, communication is the key to ensuring that your employees are staying psychologically healthy as the pandemic continues. For many of us, developing new habits that support better communication, may be essential.

How to Train and Develop Employees in the Age of Automation

Learning and Development (L&D) leaders need to ensure the benefits of intelligence technology are properly communicated across the entire organization to avoid a perception of fear and instill engagement.

Remote Learning in a Post-COVID World

Why businesses are rethinking how they train their teams.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: MTM, Inc.’s Bench Program

This year-long leadership program is multifaceted to teach the skills, knowledge, and behaviors required to immediately step into a leadership role for new contracts.

Training and Development: The Fuel for Sustaining a Positive Culture

With a strong training and development strategy for all employees, each one of them becomes a curator of your organization’s culture.

The 9 “Levers” to Pull If You’re Serious About Inclusion

These levers all have to be implemented—and at the same time.

We Like Stories

With the memorable framework of stories and the brain’s recognition of story patterns, instructional designers can significantly increase immediate learner engagement and lasting retention.

How E-Learning Content Is Evolving: 7 Trends You Need to Know About

Continuous, personalized learning in small bites through a storytelling approach—that sums up the future of the e-learning industry.

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