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Is your voice losing you business?

Is Your Voice Losing You Business?

Organizations lose business due to poor presentation skills, making vocal training even more necessary in the age of digital communication.
learning objectives- training magazine

Why Learning Objectives Are Important for Your Video

A well-defined learning objective helps you plan your course by giving you a clear set of boundaries on what actually belongs in the video.
gender equality- training magazine

How Pronoun Training Can Build a More Inclusive Culture

Engaging employee resource groups (ERGs) dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community can help HR leaders drive education, awareness, and acceptance.

Training Top 100 Best Practice: England Logistics’ New Leader Development

Offered every quarter to newly promoted or hired leaders, England Logistics’ New Leader Development program provides 25 hours of instructor-led, hands-on training over six weeks, covering 12 topics such as time management and retention.
Book excerpt from Management Productivity Multipliers by Gerald Kraines - Training Magazine

Successfully Leading the Process of Change

Book excerpt from Management Productivity Multipliers by Gerald Kraines, MD; Career Press (2021)
Why Healthcare Companies Are Doubling Down on Educational Benefits - Training Magazine

Why Healthcare Companies Are Doubling Down on Educational Benefits

65 percent of nurses surveyed would stay with their employer for five years or more if their next degree or certification was paid for.
leadership - Training Magazine

How Employers Can Develop Great Leaders at Scale

Employers need great leaders but most struggle to develop consistent, effective leadership at all levels of the organization.

Global Growth Outlook for E-Learning 2020-2026

Rising smartphone and Internet penetration coupled with the need to upskill employees and train remote workforces is driving growth in the global e-learning market.
Business growth - Training Magazine

How to Grow Your Business Using Translation

Hiring a top business translation agency can help you navigate the complexities of selling abroad and achieve business growth.
virtual training - training magazine

Producing a Virtual Session: Before, During, and After

Excerpt from "Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars: Master the Technology to Engage Participants" by Kassy LaBorie, ATD (2021).

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