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Using GenAI for Efficient Employee Performance Reviews

By leveraging GenAI for performance reviews, companies can streamline and enhance the evaluation process with data-driven insights.

Demystifying Training Video Production Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide will demystify everything video production and give you an idea of what budget you need for your next training video project.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Guardian Life Insurance’s LEAP Program

This homegrown three-year rotational program allows participants to spend one year each in three different technology sectors.

5 Practical Talent Tips for CEOs and CHROs to Navigate Uncertainty

To emerge in a position of strength, companies must take proactive steps to build the right organization with the capabilities needed for the future.

Expanding DE&I Efforts to Include Independent Contractors

Embarking on a DE&I journey requires taking the first step, and doing so with a clear vision and strategic intent offers significant benefits to enterprises.

Need to Boost Engagement? Focus on Purpose and Meaningful Work

Meaningful work increases attitudes like job satisfaction and enjoyment, commitment to the organization, engagement, and intrinsic motivation.

Is It Low Employee Engagement or Is It a Lack of Morale?

A focus on boosting team morale can lead to remarkable changes in engagement, productivity, and the organization’s overall success.

How to Deal With People Differently?

People have different needs, emotions, and feelings, and there is no quick-fix formula to adopt while leading people.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: FORVIS LLP’s Leadership Institute – Senior Manager and Director...

Throughout each two-day bootcamp, problem-centered learning allows leaders to explore topics and see the links to their own role or performance.

Emphasize Character in Leadership Development

Leaders with character focus more on the means over the ends.

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