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Making Goodbyes Count

With more employees than ever quitting their jobs amid the ongoing pandemic, you may want to review and expand the questions you ask employees in exit interviews.

Improving the Quality of Employees’ Work Breaks

It’s in a company’s best interest to ensure employees are at their most energetic and alert. Fulfilling work breaks can make that happen.

Do Your Front-Line Employees Need Makeshift Panic Buttons?

Faced with the continuing pandemic, supply chain shortages, and resulting irate customers, front-line employees may require crisis training and a way to summon support quickly when needed.

How Do You Measure Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) Success?

When measuring the success of DE&I programs, it’s important to consider employees’ positions and salaries, but also whether they are being set up for success equal to others.

What Does It Take to Master the Hybrid Workplace?

Solutions to help avoid the awkwardness and inefficiency that can arise from having some employees at home and others in the office, particularly when it comes to meetings and training.

Do Organizations Owe Remote Employees a Comfortable Workstation?

Company-provided ergonomic in-home workstations for remote workers might be a motivation for employees to stick with your organization.

Do Women Still Have Added Leadership Challenges?

Organizations need to help women overcome the barriers to leadership that lie within them while also acknowledging and addressing the barriers that are not of their own making.

Would You Hire an Attorney with Pink Hair?

Many of us now understand and endorse the importance of respecting diversity in the other aspects of identity, but far fewer of us accept personal style that differs from what we are used to seeing for a person in a particular job role.

Does Your Company Need More “Fika”?

When employees get to know each other in a more informal setting, they grow more comfortable with each other, which should lead to more information sharing and better communication.

Combatting Employee Dissatisfaction

Honesty is the best policy, along with listening to and addressing issues quickly and fairly.

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