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If You Have a Mission Statement, Do Your Employees Know?

Tips on training employees on your organization’s mission.

Should Your Employees Be TikToking Their Work Days?

There’s much for your employees to share from their work life in videos on TikTok that would be fun for them and helpful to your company; likewise, there’s a lot of content on TikTok your company’s decision-makers could learn from.

Do You Stress Test Your Customer Service Employees?

You might want to consider having your company’s trainers “mystery shop” your customer service employees and then provide training on how to make customer interactions more joyful and less painful.

Accommodating Employees’ New Work-Life Balance Expectations

During this Great Resignation era, organizations could woo tired, unhappy employees away with the promise of a lunch break that includes time for a leisurely stroll or an “unplugged” vacation free from e-mail or phone calls.

Can Personality Assessments Pigeonhole Employees?

The key is using these tools to make the most of each employee’s strengths while not presuming what they can and cannot do or what roles they might be able to grow into.

Do Good Meetings Exist?

Meetings are often unproductive because when together in-person, the instinct is to try to enjoy one another’s company rather than accomplish the goal of the meeting.

Can You Train a Person to Be Organized?

Two keys are ensuring your managers have organization skills as a core competency, and that employees who excel in organization are given assignments that enable less organized peers to learn from them.

Managing a Workplace with Varying Levels of Post-Pandemic Comfort

It’s going to take some people years to work through residual anxiety from the pandemic, and it’s possible some will never be fully comfortable again in crowded indoor environments.

Making Business Dinners Less Painful and More Productive

When you send employees to a conference, meeting, or business lunch or dinner, one of their primary tasks is to represent your company well and to be a cheerleader for your organization. That takes training.

3 Talent Management Lessons We Can Learn from LinkedIn

LinkedIn often contacts people it seeks to recruit months before an offer is made. This allows it to communicate with potential new talent while educating the community and industry about the company.

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