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3 Talent Management Lessons We Can Learn from LinkedIn

LinkedIn often contacts people it seeks to recruit months before an offer is made. This allows it to communicate with potential new talent while educating the community and industry about the company.

Do Your Middle-Aged Employees Have Specific L&D Needs?

Employees have an array of needs and interests. At middle age, those needs can be amplified due to personal-life obligations, and pursuing those interests can seem out of reach. Here’s what organizations can do to get employees to where they dream of going.

Do You Train Managers to Ask Rather Than Tell?

In the age we live in, in which everyone and their uncle often are copied on e-mails, managers and executives have an opportunity to easily assess communication skills. They just need the training to learn how to do this effectively.

The Dark Side of Perfectionism in the Workplace

The question is how to take the positive elements of perfectionism and limit the damage the negative elements can inflict on co-workers.

The Hybrid Workplace Balance You May Be Failing

Working sometimes from home and sometimes from the office requires a structure that acknowledges how different those two environments are, and how different people are when in their home versus sitting at a desk away from their personal lives.

Understanding Aggressive Workplace Personalities

Negatively aggressive employees may be responding to shortcomings in your corporate culture. They may feel that to survive and thrive, that’s the way they have to act.

The Buzzwords in Job Ads that Could Cost You New Talent

Terms such as “rock star,” “thick skin,” and schedule TBD” in job ads may raise a red flag for potential new hires.

Creativity vs. Rule Breaking

Creative people whose minds are focused on innovation can be seen as troublemakers in an environment such as a workplace that typically is built on rules.

Do You Have an Ethical Corporate Culture?

Doing whatever you want to do as long as it’s legal means you have a culture that is legally safe, but not necessarily moral or ethical.

In Search of a More Poetic Workplace

Reading poetry can stimulate the brain in ways that could improve your employees’ ability to serve customers and help your company grow.

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