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Can Training Change an Insensitive Manager?

When managers don’t show a personal interest in employees and demonstrate caring, they risk losing valuable team members.

Knowledge Is Key in Customer Service

Tips to ensure customer service employees can quickly and accurately provide the information and solutions your customers need.

Are Your Employees About to “Conscious Quit”?

Top reasons employees walk out the workplace door.

Have You Unknowingly Committed a Microaggression?

The solution to many microaggressions is to think carefully before opening your mouth.

Training on Stress Management

In today’s continued challenging times, organizations should consider exploring stress triggers during employee onboarding, training managers and employees on stress coping strategies, and more.

Do You Train Respect for Vacation Time?

An essential part of new manager training should be teaching them how to effectively plan for employees’ vacation time and encourage them to disconnect from the office during that time.

Managing Grief in the Workplace

What losing my parents has taught me about how managers should be trained to support bereaved employees.

What Does It Mean to Be Productive?

Learning professionals and the Human Resources team should be having conversations about how productivity is defined and measured to determine both pay and the organizational hierarchy.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome without Becoming a Braggart

Bragging is sometimes taught as the antidote for “impostor syndrome,” in which a person feels like they don’t deserve to be in a job they are well qualified for. Instead, companies need to develop employees who are secure enough to speak confidently without turning every conversation into an infomercial for themselves.

How Do You Foster Courageously Proactive Employees?

Employees need guidance and training when it comes to reporting workplace ethics violations.

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