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Do You Train for Gracious Leadership?

Gracious executives and managers listen with purpose, recognize they don’t have all the answers, and demonstrate uncompromising respect for everyone, according to author Janet Smith Meeks.

External Hiring vs. Internal Promotion

Upskilling and promoting existing employees—instead of hiring externally—can improve morale and increase retention of high-performing staff.

Are Vacations Simply an Escape from Workplace Toxicity?

If your employees are taking vacation time just to escape your toxic corporate culture, more manager training may be needed.

Your Employees’ AI Implementation Wish List

When it comes to artificial intelligence, employees want specific direction from their companies, citing a particular interest in training and guidelines/policies around AI usage, according to a recent survey.

What Kind of Sensory Experience Do You Offer Employees?

Organizations need to carefully consider factors such as light, temperature, noise, and space when creating works environments in order to prevent employee sensory overload.

What Do Your Employees Expect from Their Future Workplace?

Corporate leaders and their employees aren’t always on the same page when it comes to the future of work—particularly in the areas of flexibility and mobility.

The Importance of Communication Training

At least one training session for all employees on the topic of efficient but friendly communication is a good idea.

The Right Way to Do “Office Peacocking”

Office peacocking is the attempt to create an office work environment employees are motivated to return to post-pandemic.

Maybe the Secret to Great Customer Service Employees Is Puppies

In addition to being good for business and employee morale, having puppies around customer service employees encourages patience and understanding.

Should AI Keep Tabs on Your Employees’ Emotions?

Using AI to monitor employee emotions could help them manage stress but also could lead to even unhappier workers.

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