2017 TTV WINNER: #1 – Mnemonic Nmagic

From the new 1-day Getting Things Done Training by VitalSmarts. Based on productivity guru David Allen’s New York Times bestselling book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-free Productivity.

This video makes it easy for trainers to teach a counterintuitive lesson about our minds and memories: they’re meant for having ideas, not holding them.

This video introduces a training segment about designing effective organization systems. In a nontrivial way, it captures learners’ attention with its quirky humor. Multiple cohorts of test learners who viewed this video in the context of the “Organize” training module, rated the module 6.4 (avg) out of 7 on a scale in response to the questions related to the importance and value of the topic, the helpfulness of the content, and the likeliness of recommending and applying the principles taught.

2017 TTV Winner #1 in the “Videos produced in-house” category