5 Questions To Ask Learners After Training

The following five questions frame actions learners can take after training is over, and position the learning to be reinforced through training and practice sessions:

1. After training, what did you learn about yourself that you’re committed to improving?

2. What are three things you learned, and what will you do to successfully apply them? On a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being you feel you understand the material comprehensively and could teach it flawlessly, and 1 being you still feel a little confused, where would you rate your level of knowledge and what could we do to move in a direction of 6 together?

3. What are two things you’re going to do after this training to successfully apply the material, and what can I do to assist you?

4. What will you do to specifically educate your manager about what you learned and how will you involve him or her in your continuous improvement of the material?

5. What will you do to successfully share the material with your teammates, and what’s the best format for you to feel comfortable to do so?

Learners often attend training sessions passively; these questions will help condition them going forward to be more active in their pursuit of learning, as well as sharing post-training.