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Can AI-Powered Solutions Really Drive Talent Development?

AI assistants can act as knowledge repositories, virtual mentors, and search copilots, providing on-demand support and sharing institutional knowledge.

The (Brain) Power of Empathy

Think of empathy as a kind of Tango—it takes two. Good leaders don’t just expect or assume others will follow, they Tango with them.

New Products and Services (July 2024)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Northwestern Mutual’s National Training Program

Designed to provide next-generation financial representatives with foundational learning, the National Training Program (NTP) includes an initial 14-day immersion program with 126 hours of learning.

10 Tips for Effective Leadership in Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Learn how distribution professionals can enhance their facilities' efficiency, accuracy, and overall success.

Why HR Professionals Should Invest in the Digital Employee Experience

By prioritizing digital employee experiences, organizations fortify their talent recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies while positioning themselves for success.

Can AI Help Bridge the Generational Divide?

Artificial intelligence can act as a generational translator and coach employees and managers on how to see things from others’ perspective.

Why Investing in Digital Upskilling is Important for Employee Experience Transformation  

Leaders must prioritize upskilling as a means to use technology to empower their workforce to be more effective and efficient.

Empowering Educators: Enhancing Teaching with AI

Incorporating AI into professional development for educators is a powerful way to enhance teaching strategies and streamline administrative tasks.

Diving Into AI-Enhanced Immersive Learning

This month’s online-only issue explores how artificial intelligence can be effectively integrated into immersive training technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and gamification.

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