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AI’s Role in Sales Enablement: A View from the Trenches

AI-powered sales enablement facilitates the next wave of sales efficiency, productivity, and results.
How Web 3.0 and Blockchain Go Hand in Hand?

How Web 3.0 and Blockchain Go Hand-in-Hand

Before the existence of Blockchain in web 3.0, several forms of the internet emerged. Find out how blockchain and Web 3.0 go hand-in-hand. 

Why Telehealth Alone Won’t Solve the Mental Health Crisis

With more great minds, funding, and innovation, the digital health space is poised to put forth digital solutions to transform mental healthcare.

Why Natural Language Processing Can Be the Next Big Thing in Business

Companies and organizations use NLP to streamline specific operations, boosting the business's overall productivity.

3 Ways the Metaverse Can Help Upskill and Transform the Workforce

If organizations and leaders commit to creating a holistic plan to leverage Metaverse technologies in an ethical and secure way, the possibilities are endless.

The Future of Work: A New Division of Labor

Time, technology, and transferability: 3 proposals about what the future of work should look like by the end of the decade.

2023 Training and HR Trends to Watch

Chances are good that what we expect to happen will be proven wrong over time. With these precautions, here are some training/HR trends pertaining DE&I and globalization to watch for in 2023.

New Training Partnerships and Alliances (January 2023)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

Tech Talk (January 2023)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

Riding the AI Creative Wave

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, people increasingly will take the role of orchestrators or creative directors, using their prompt engineering expertise to maximize AI’s capabilities.

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