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Why Virtual Reality Immersion Is Best for Soft Skills Training

Virtual reality immersion trains employees safely and efficiently at a competitive cost. Find out why VR is best for soft skills training.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Michigan State University Federal Credit Union’s Internal Chatbot—Gene

Instead of expecting employees to memorize answers or processes, MSUFCU reinforces a culture of “knowing your resources,” including its newest artificial intelligence chatbot, Gene.

#2: Transworld Systems Incorporated: At the Center of Excellence

Training at Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) embodies the company’s culture and core values.

#4 State Compensation Insurance Fund: A Sound Investment

The Learning and Development team at State Compensation Insurance Fund successfully met the challenge to support an almost wholly remote workforce with increased onboarding needs

Training Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (March 2023)

The three initiatives that achieved the highest scores in this recognition program are from Dollar General, Verizon, and Deloitte.

Tech Talk (March 2023)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

Best Practice and Outstanding Training Initiative Awards (March 2023)

Training’s editor and Training Hall of Famers recognize innovative and successful learning and development programs and practices submitted in the 2023 Training APEX Awards application
A man using a computer and having a virtual meeting.

AI’s Role in Sales Enablement: A View from the Trenches

AI-powered sales enablement facilitates the next wave of sales efficiency, productivity, and results.
How Web 3.0 and Blockchain Go Hand in Hand?

How Web 3.0 and Blockchain Go Hand-in-Hand

Before the existence of Blockchain in web 3.0, several forms of the internet emerged. Find out how blockchain and Web 3.0 go hand-in-hand. 

Why Telehealth Alone Won’t Solve the Mental Health Crisis

With more great minds, funding, and innovation, the digital health space is poised to put forth digital solutions to transform mental healthcare.

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