Margery Weinstein

Margery Weinstein is a contributing editor at Training magazine.

Will You Require Your Employees to Be Vaccinated?

Public health officials say that once we get to the threshold of 70 percent of people vaccinated against Coronavirus, we will achieve herd immunity, hopefully enabling the return to our pre-COVID lifestyles.

How Will Your Office Be Different in 2021 and Beyond?

Maybe a virtue of the pandemic is that it showed us how little physical location, and particular hours worked, makes to the end product and delivery of work.

A Job Role that Has Changed During the Pandemic

In some organizations today, chief marketing officers are being asked to double as psychological support systems, reassuring employees that they are safe and OK.

Company Holiday Celebration 2020: Pandemic Possibilities

It’s important that, in a dreary, difficult year, you do something—anything—to mark the season and show employees you care about them, and want to boost their spirits.

How Can Companies Ease Employees’ Pandemic Burden?

Finding ways to reduce employee anxiety isn’t just a kind thing to do, it’s smart. The more anxiety-filled your workers are, the less they are able to focus on serving your customers and helping you build your company.

Is Lack of Work-Life Balance Contagious?

My hypothesis is that the emotions of anxiety and compulsion to overwork can be passed from one to others to the detriment of the team.

Dollars and Sense

A look at the challenges and potential rewards of salary transparency.

How NOT to Confuse Co-Workers

Understanding how we are misunderstanding each other is a great first step in interacting with each other in more meaningful and productive ways.

Managing Uncertainty: Teachable Moments for Employees—and You

This is a time to reaffirm the fundamentals of good management—both of your business and people.

Is Your Workplace Ready for Post-Election Strife?

Helping employees to have civil conversations—political or otherwise—and teaching them when it’s time to “agree to disagree.”

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