Case Study: Bluebeam Software Uses E-Learning to Increase Product Knowledge

Bluebeam turned to Mindflash’s E-Learning software to deploy an online training system designed to help its resellers become influential and knowledgeable product experts.

Bluebeam Software develops solutions for paperless workflows based on the PDF format. Bluebeam’s PDF creation, markup, and collaboration solutions are used by top architectural, engineering, and construction firms; oil and gas companies; manufacturers; governments and municipalities around the world. The Pasadena, CA-based company offers its software solutions directly and also through resellers and distributors worldwide.

Realizing that the best way to sell a product is to effectively show it, the company long has invested in demonstrations to customers. As such, product knowledge is an integral piece of promoting its software solution for resellers across the globe. So in 2012, the company used Mindflash’s eLearning software to deploy an online training system designed to help its resellers become influential and knowledgeable product experts. Live trainings and even hour-long Webinars were becoming increasingly difficult to schedule among Bluebeam’s large number of resellers. Salespeople often couldn’t find time to travel; the hour-long training call requests were challenging to schedule; and the team was having difficulty finding the meeting space to accommodate trainings in a timely fashion. Adopting Mindflash eLearning software brought needed flexibility to the company’s existing training program.

Reenergizing Reseller Training

“Our goal was to get the resellers excited to go through the training,” says Aaron Courdy, Channel manager for Bluebeam. To address the different levels of product knowledge that Bluebeam’s varied channel partners needed and to make the information more accessible, Bluebeam divided the video-based content into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 training is a general overview consisting of the basics of what you need to know to sell the solution.
  • Tier 2 provides in-depth training on how to use the software.
  • Tier 3 delivers information on applying the solution to distinct verticals.

As an incentive, Bluebeam awards gift cards and other prizes to resellers for completing various phases of the curriculum. This strategy has helped immensely in getting the new training program off the ground, Courdy says. “The reps get excited that not only are they going to be able to make bigger sales with their new product knowledge, but they also get a gift card just for going through the training.”

Easier Training Equals Measurable Channel Success

So far, nearly 500 sales reps have completed Tier 1 trainings. On average, companies with reps who completed Tier 1 training have doubled their annual revenue for Bluebeam’s solutions. Resellers that have gone through every level to complete Tier 3 training have shown to experience a 400 percent increase in product sales over the previous year. Bluebeam staff initially spent roughly 200 hours filming, editing, and uploading the program. Now, the trainings run smoothly with minimal oversight. Courdy says he expects the time and savings benefits to only grow over time.

Bluebeam still offers live Webinars as part of its training program, since the personal touch is critical for building relationships with its partners, according to Courdy. Yet adding Mindflash to the mix of training options is much more efficient—Bluebeam can train people faster and save staff countless hours previously spent scheduling meetings and providing basic product demos, he says. The trainings in Mindflash are available on demand, so no scheduling is needed. The software automatically sends and tracks invites, individual progress, and individual completions.

Bluebeam initially created the video series for resellers, but now, its own technical support and new hires are using the online trainings.

In 2013, the company received the Business Marketing Association’s B2 Award of Excellence for the program. It recently updated the modules, which Courdy thinks will help increase participation across the board. “The interface is very easy to use and navigate,” Courdy says, “and it’s getting better all the time.”

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