Industry Solutions: Case Study: Monarch Landscape Companies Gains New Levels of L&D Visibility

The company leveraged the Brainier LMS (learning management system) to offer automated training assignments, a relevant training library, and a powerful reporting hub.


The Customer

Monarch Landscape Companies, a regional powerhouse in the landscaping industry, scaled rapidly from the consolidation of smaller companies. There was an immediate need to scale learning efforts and show real-time progress.

The Workforce

  • 2,500 field employees. Each spring, many deskless workers must be onboarded, trained on role-specific skills and safety procedures, and often administered in person.
  • 500 regular office staff. Ongoing training consisting of both in-person sessions and eLearning modules covering diverse subjects.

The Challenge

Field and office employees have inherently different needs, access, and preferences for learning and learning methodologies. The complex organizational structure and labor-intensive reporting process made administrative tasks unreasonably tedious. Some employees only speak Spanish, necessitating bilingual programs.

The Solution

The Brainier LMS became the central learning hub, offering automated training assignments, a relevant training library, and a powerful reporting hub. New employee data is pushed to the LMS via the connector tool from their HCM platform, reducing administrative busywork and potential errors. Field employees are now represented and easily tracked in the LMS.

The Results

The impact of the LMS continues to grow. Results include scaling onboarding and deploying custom learning tracks based on job titles, locations, and managerial level. Employees increasingly seek optional training, incorporating learning into their normal duties. It also allows learners to search for learning opportunities and request a live event to be translated to an eLearning format. Monarch has produced multiple custom courses using internal experts to help train fellow employees. The HR group has benefitted by formalizing best practices as they onboard hundreds of employees each spring. Monarch continues to study how learning activities impact employee retention. Access to meaningful reporting is empowering leaders to make informed decisions that influence strategy and allowing them to set more ambitious L&D goals.

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