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Can 360-Degree Reviews Politic-Proof Your Workplace?

Such reviews are especially effective when the reviewers are assured that they can speak freely without their boss being told who said what about him or her.

Is Your Company Resilient to Employee Development?

It isn’t employees who need “resilience” training to accept change. Rather, those in decision-making positions need to be on board with the idea of change in the form of new experiences and opportunities for employees—even when those new opportunities result in a period of discomfort.

Are Your Best Employees Pressured to Leave Their Jobs?

It’s rare to encounter a company that does a good job of acknowledging the reality that, regardless of promises of collaboration, there is always one person in each work group who carries the heaviest load, and without whom the work simply wouldn’t get done.

Is It Time to Kill the Resume?

Having applicants first send in a sample piece of work, rather than a resume, would trim the pool of applicants you invite in for an interview to only those you already know for sure can do the work.

What Should Be the Focus of Performance Reviews?

Making performance reviews mostly about ratings and salary increases plays into the hands of managers who want to manage from the shallow end rather than taking a deep dive into the long-term development of their employees.

How Candid Is Your Company Willing to Be?

Some companies value the authoritative voice over the humble voice, and that can lead to the kind of bosses employees are afraid to candidly speak and express new ideas to.

Should You Hire More Introverts?

People with introverted personalities long have been considered less than desirable in the workplace, but that may be changing.

Should L&D Professionals Boycott Amazon?

An article in The New York Times about Amazon’s workplace details how this famous company often cruelly pushes its workforce to meet its product development, delivery, and financial goals. This seems to be counter to the job of Learning & Development professionals, who aim to help organizations achieve their goals by preparing, guiding, and nurturing their employees.

Some Productivity Myths in Need of Debunking

How Learning professionals can best support managers and employees so they can become more productive.

Generations in the Workplace: A Zero-Sum Game?

With workforces still much slimmer than they were years ago, young up-and-comers can be left with few development opportunities as they wait for someone above them to vacate their position.

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