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Do Mothers Make Better Employees?

Do you make use in training programs of the skills employees gain as parents? Are those lessons often a good place to begin conversations about interpersonal and management challenges?

On the Move: Our Increasingly Temporary Workforce

Does your company use temporary employees? If not, why not? If so, how do you integrate them with your full-time, permanent employees to ensure uninterrupted productivity?

Do Tattoos Affect Job Performance?

How do you guide and train managers to approach hiring employees who deviate in personal appearance from what you and your customers or clients are used to?

Comrade or Competitor? Set the Tone When Onboarding

Does your onboarding program include tutorials and/or role-play exercises on how to interact with colleagues and managers? How do you set the tone for workplace relationships?

Does Your Company Trust Its Employees?

What is the best way for a company to balance trusting employees with protecting itself?

Employee Morale Not in Bloom? Try a Workplace Garden

Would your company consider starting a workplace garden? The possibilities for morale boosting and lessons learned are immense when a garden blooms—tap into the growth potential of your employees, so to speak.

Taking It Personally: Is Emotional Involvement OK?

Does your corporate culture allow for self-expression and reasonable displays of emotion and concern?

“Big Brother” at Work: Employees’ Best Friend?

How do you feel about employee monitoring technologies in the workplace?

Employee Recognition Training: Teach Individual Recognition

In addition to thanking whole groups of people, does your company also individually acknowledge employees who carried the heaviest workload for successful projects?

Exit Interview: Is Stress the Culprit?

Do you measure your employees’ stress levels and then work with managers to arrive at solutions such as better organized and more balanced workloads? Why or why not?

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