Exploring the Future of AI Writing Tools with May Habib, CEO of Writer.AI

In this episode, Phylise Banner interviews May Habib, the CEO of Writer AI. May shares her expertise in natural language processing and machine learning, highlighting the potential of AI to revolutionize the writing industry. May also emphasizes the importance of training and enabling employees to leverage AI, ensuring that no one is left behind in this transformative process. The conversation delves into the future of paid versus free AI tools, the role of curiosity in shaping the right questions, and the need to address bias and diversity in AI-generated content. Despite the rise of AI, both Phylise and May emphasize the enduring value of skilled human writers who can infuse creativity, personal stories, and authentic human interaction into their writing.

May Habib is co-founder and CEO of Writer, an AI writing assistant for teams. May graduated with high honors from Harvard, is a member of the World Economic Forum, and is a Fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.