Fast Track to Success: Top Young Trainers 2012

Training’s fifth annual list of the accelerating stars in the training industry today.

By Lorri Freifeld

Supercharged. High-performers. Leaders of the pack. No, we aren’t talking about the latest racecars. We’re talking about Trainingmagazine’s 2012 Top Young Trainers—those high-potential training professionals who are on the fast track to success.

For the fifth year, Trainingmagazine is pleased to recognize the outstanding talents, accomplishments, and leadership exhibited by 40 learning professionals age 40 and under. The young leaders profiled here were nominated by their industry peers in January and selected for TYT honors by Training’seditor-in-chief and an independent judging panel comprising members of Training’s editorial advisory board. Some 100 nominations were submitted.
To qualify, candidates were required to possess a minimum of three years’ experience in the training field and manage one or more direct reports or lead a large-scale training/learning and development initiative. Nominees also were judged on criteria including:

  • Leadership skills
  • Demonstrated career progression in an accelerated timeframe
  • Proven success in meeting a difficult training challenge or completing a training turnaround job
  • Development of innovative training solutions or programs
  • The ability to consistently produce training results (as evaluated by the Kirkpatrick model)
  • A demonstrated ability to design training programs that are strategically aligned with the business
  • Technical competence

Visit to download the full article with in-depth profiles of the Top 10 Young Trainers (listed in alphabetical order), plus shorter profiles of the other 30 Top Young Trainers. And we continued our tradition of creating a “10 to Watch” list, which features up-and-coming leaders who didn’t receive an award this year, but who are well on their way to becoming future Top Young Trainers.

“What distinguished the Top Young Trainers in 2012 is leadership—putting their mark on their organizations in impressive and innovative ways,” says TYT Judge Kevin Wilde.

TYT Judge Cyndi Bruce agrees. “The caliber of the nominees put forth was impressive. Their ability to establish productive relationships at all levels and inspire and motivate their teams was clearly a key to their success.”

TYT Judge Donald Keller says he’s inspired by these talented young trainers—their leadership abilities, talent, potential, and accomplishments. “They’re on the fast track to success and represent not only the future of training as we Baby Boomers prepare to pass the torch on to this next generation of trainers, but also the present as we stand side by side as colleagues.”

“Great people are the single best indicator of an organization’s long-term potential,” adds TYT Judge Bruce Jones. “This year’s outstanding pool of winners delivers benchmark performance in areas such as leadership and strategic focus that will drive significant value for their organizations.”

TYT Judge Mike Hamilton says he always enjoys being a judge for the Top Young Trainers awards. “It is inspiring to hear the stories of the young professionals and the contributions they are making to their organizations. We can all learn something from these young professionals. The winners of this year’s awards should be proud of their accomplishments.”

Believes TYT Judge Nancy J. Lewis: “Our future is in good hands!”


Lorri Freifeld is the editor/publisher of Training magazine. She writes on a number of topics, including talent management, training technology, and leadership development. She spearheads two awards programs: the Training Top 100 and Emerging Training Leaders.