How to Enhance Company Culture Through the Power of Music

The studies on the power of music stretch far and wide, from improved job performance to increased productivity and more.

The evolution in workplace trends over the past two years has encouraged today’s workforce to look beyond the standard benefits of a job and, instead, place a higher value on their employer’s company culture. Whether currently employed, in the job market or considering a new position, people refuse to settle for workplaces that don’t value employee connections, morale, and job satisfaction. Undoubtedly, workers have the upper hand in the current job market. A 2022 report revealed that 40 percent plan to leave their jobs, some within the next three to six months.

As companies grapple with the seismic shift in employee demands and expectations, there is one clear, overriding principle in how organizations can approach their response: show employees they care. While there are various ways to do this, such as through empathetic leadership, expanded paid time off programs, enhanced medical benefits, and the like, there is yet another way to outwardly show employees how their employer cares about their happiness and job satisfaction: music. But not just any music – collaborative music in the workplace.

The studies on the power of music stretch far and wide, from improved job performance, reduced stress, heightened creativity and focus to increased productivity, improved employee morale, and job satisfaction. Adding another layer through the power of collaborative music are strengthened social connections, which according to a 2022 Global Culture Report by the O.C. Tanner Institute, translates to substantially higher engagement at work, higher incidence of great work, and increased likelihood of having promoters in the employee Net Promoter Score. Now, when companies are seeking opportunities to attract and retain top talent, the TouchTunes Unlimited collaborative music solution offers an enhanced and differentiated perk for employees, demonstrating an employer’s commitment to a positive, engaging, and collaborative workplace culture.

Here are four specific ways a collaborative music environment can drive ROI for a business:

  1. A little less stress, and a little more motivation, please

Scientific evidence has shown that music triggers motivation and reduces brain stress levels. Thus, it’s become second nature for an individual to play their favorite song while simultaneously performing another task, whether studying, writing in a journal, or going for a jog. By playing music in the office or any other workplace setting, companies will see a boost in productivity levels as their employees are significantly less stressed and more motivated to get the job done.

  1. Grammy-worthy job performances

Just as the music inspires motivation, it can amplify overall job performance among workers. Employees welcome the healthy distraction music offers when they are overwhelmed by stress, whether it stems from their personal lives or the pressure to meet professional demands. When made accessible in the workplace, music can be used as a tool for employees to re-focus themselves while at work and prioritize their job performance.

  1. Collaborations that top the charts

There is no doubt the recent rise in remote working environments has made connecting and socializing with others a challenge, especially at a new job. The increasing popularity of hybrid and remote work makes developing relationships with coworkers more difficult than ever. People innately yearn for social connection, giving employers the prime opportunity to attract them back into the office creatively. Implementing a unique music perk can encourage employees not only to go back into the office for fun and enjoyment but to engage with one another to collaborate and choose the music they want to hear in their workplace.

  1. Bring on the good (culture) vibrations

What makes music the ultimate employee benefit is how it improves the energy and mood in the environment. Music has the power to cultivate work environments that are welcoming, enjoyable and make employees want to go to work each day. Through the integration of music and interactivity that collaborative music experiences provide, companies can strengthen their relationships with employees and employees with each other, creating positive and beneficial improvements for all. While music can enhance an employee’s overall sentiment regarding their workplace, the path toward a better culture starts with the employer and flourishes when employees are engaged.

As companies search for alternative ways to engage employees and create a more collaborative and motivational environment, companies large and small are turning to collaborative music solutions, with TouchTunes Unlimited leading the way, as a tangible investment to demonstrate their commitment to fostering great cultures, desirable work environments and overall employee satisfaction.

Limitations do not bind music and can enhance virtually any workspace from offices to warehouse settings. For today’s workforce, the demand for better work environments will only continue to grow as more people prioritize their happiness, the quality of their work environments, collaborative relationships with fellow employees, and the importance of feeling valued and cared for by their employers.

Ross Honey
Ross Honey is the president and CEO of TouchTunes. He leads the company’s strategy for innovation and market expansion. His extensive background in digital media and entertainment includes 10 years at Microsoft where he served in a variety of roles, primarily in the Xbox business, including general manager of Entertainment & Advertising. Honey was named to the AdWeek 50 in 2012 and 2013, and profiled in “5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers” (Crown Business, 2003) by James Citrin and Rick Smith. He holds a B.A. cum laude in History and Economics from Duke University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business.