Industry Solutions: Enhancing the Learner Experience

Use cases and key benefits of a robust Learner Experience Platform (LXP).


Businesses are increasingly choosing to upskill and reskill employees online. Delivering effective online learning in a corporate setting requires targeted investment in learning technology that enables digital learning from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. At the forefront of digital learning enablement is the solution known as the Learner Experience Platform or LXP for short.

Remote, home-based, and hybrid working has demonstrated the utility and effectiveness of online training. Virtual learning events, social and collaborative learning, and self-paced digital learning have allowed learners to connect, share, engage, and collaborate without the need to enter a physical classroom.

How Do Learner Experience Platforms Work?

The LXP puts the learner at the center of the experience by focusing on their needs and personalizing the experience using artificial intelligence (AI) to make recommendations based on their self-identified learning goals.

What Can You Use an LXP for?

  • Upskill and reskill employees
  • Onboard new hires
  • Retain and share knowledge
  • Train partners and customers
  • Enable sales teams
  • Support hybrid working

Benefits for Employees and the Business:

1. Focus on skill development: LXPs link learning to skills, job roles, and job families within a business. By connecting the learning to the skills the business needs and showing the relationship to current and future job roles, an LXP enables learners to align their self-directed learning with the skills required for success. Meanwhile, the business can ensure that all learning is aligned with the skills it needs—now and in the future—and highlight the relationship between those skills and the business’ goals.

The LXP puts the learner at the center of the experience by focusing on their needs and personalizing the experience using AI to make recommendations based on their learning goals.

2. Learning anywhere, any time: An LXP supports learners wherever they are, whenever they need to learn, on any device, and even in the flow of the applications they use daily. This means higher productivity, lower spending on travel, and less time away from the office.

3. A personalized experience for every learner and a single source of truth for reporting: LXPs use AI and machine learning (ML) to personalize the learner’s experience, presenting learning recommendations that are aligned with their goals and refreshing those recommendations to ensure the newest and best content is always visible. This allows learners to collaborate in groups and identify and follow subject matter experts. It also enables learners to share their knowledge, skills, and experience, and make them visible to others. All the interactions of every learner are recorded by an LXP, enabling reporting from a single focal point.

Paul Jagger
Paul Jagger is senior director of Solution Consulting at Cornerstone. Cornerstone powers the future-ready workforce with adaptive HR solutions designed to unite technology, data, and content and inspire a work environment of growth, agility, and success for all. With an AI-powered, skills-forward, experiential system designed for the contemporary workforce, Cornerstone helps organizations modernize their learning and development experience, deliver the most relevant content from anywhere, accelerate talent and career mobility, and establish skills as the universal language of growth and success across their business. Cornerstone serves more than 6,000 customers and 75 million users and is available in 180 countries and 50 languages. For more information, visit: