Industry Solutions: Moving Forward into “The Future of Work”

Helping the new normal be, well, just a little more “normal” for people and organizations.

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Some 18 months into this “new normal,” after conducting more than 100 live-virtual workshops for our clients, we’ve realized…no one has it all figured out! But we’ve gained some insight from helping outstanding companies working to define “The Future of Work” for thousands of employees across many different industries. Here are a few observations:

  1. Life no longer happens “outside” of work. Life disruptions have impacted our teams, our colleagues, and our workforce. Some clients have experienced huge business growth…while seeing employee engagement scores plummet. Acknowledge and embrace that life DOES disrupt work. We can’t deny it, so let’s be authentic and work together to find new ways to rebalance and move forward.
  2. Connection looks different now, but it’s more important than ever. Back in 2020, most of us tried to translate a face-to-face workplace into a never-ending Zoom marathon. Now we’re realizing how much got lost in translation. It’s worth it to prioritize ways you can connect with co-workers in authentic, joyful ways.
  3. Mental wellness matters, and it takes ongoing focus to maintain your “mindset fitness.” Many of us have been consuming lots of “mental junk food”—too much bad news, fearful speculation, and mindless scrolling, and too little connection. We need to be intentional to offset the imbalances in connection and routine. Plan and practice specific, actionable behaviors to “work out” your best mindset.

We’re so grateful for the small role we’ve been able to play in helping the new normal be, well, just a little more “normal” for many people. We are grateful to our clients for the work they have given us, and the insights we have gained. Our hats are off to everyone out there embracing the future of work with an improviser’s mindset of gratitude and “Yes, And!”

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John Sweeney changes human behavior within the biggest businesses in the world, including Microsoft, Target, Hilton, United Health Group, General Mills, Facebook, and Apple. He has shared the stage with George Bush, Sr.; Deepak Chopra; Betty White; Steve Ballmer; and Mark Zuckerberg. A quote from his book appeared on millions of Starbucks cups, and he has danced shirtless on The Today Show and ESPN SportsCenter. He has a unique ability to deliver learning and expertise in an unforgettable way.