New Products and Services (June 2024)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

  • Climb Hire, a national upskilling nonprofit that blends relationships and social capital with in-demand skills to help low-income and overlooked working adults break into new careers,has launched training programs aimed at diversifying tech and cybersecurity fields. It is accepting applications for IT training programs that will provide learners with certification in CompTIA and help start them on the path to land jobs in the IT and cybersecurity industries. In the six-month training course, participants get hands-on experience troubleshooting PC hardware and networking equipment, and learn IT security principles. The technical coursework prepares for the 1101 and 1102 exams, which must be passed to earn certification. To be eligible, applicants must be between the ages of 24 and 40 and currently making less than $30,000 a year. Apply at:
  • RAIN Group, a global sales training company delivering results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement, launched its newest sales training program, Selling to Senior Executives. In the course, sellers are introduced to the nuances of executive-level sales and learn how to adjust their sales approach, capture attention, build trust, and win.RAIN Group also launched its Sales Skills Self-Assessment, a free resource for sellers in any role or industry. Taking 10 minutes to complete, the assessment asks sellers to answer questions and then provides a 30-page analysis detailing how they stack up against RAIN Group’s database of Top Performers, identifying skills that need strengthening, and providing links to free resources to support their growth in those areas. Take the assessment at:
  • The American Staffing Association launched Staffing Pro Stacks, a professional development program for staffing professionals. This career-building credentialing program allows staffing professionals to elevate their performance and expertise through online, self-paced learning experiences developed and led by industry experts. Learners also engage with fellow participants in online discussions. Staffing Pro Stacks debuts with three courses—sales, recruiting, and leadership—with additional courses to come. This credentialing program is geared toward those with several years of industry experience and allows staffing professionals to build upon their skills in sequential fashion.
  • Sabine Charles, best-selling author, public speaker, professional certification exam tutor (“the CPA Doctor”), and founder/chief executive officer of consultancy Charles Financial Strategies LLC, unveiled new developments in the Leadership MEQ (Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Qualities) program: A new hybrid 16-week course starts on September 1, and the three-day Gratitude and Growth Retreat will take place October 23-25, 2024, in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The Leadership MEQ professional development program focuses on a holistic approach, integrating key principles that contribute to robust leadership within an organization. The program includes a pre-workshop conversation, flexible learning path, emotional intelligence assessment, collaborative sessions, and customized coaching. The retreat features 11 growth-focused professional development sessions to help professionals fine-tune their communication style, build lasting relationships, and acquire essential skills to enrich their professional career. Yoga and meditation sessions also will be held.
  • Learna launched a Postgraduate Certificate in AI in Medicine, designed to equip healthcare professionals with essential skills to effectively leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in their practice. Learna’s new course empowers medical professionals to harness AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. This integration will enhance capabilities in areas such as disease diagnosis, drug discovery, and medical image analysis.
  • Qualtrics, a creator in the experience management category, unveiled new AI-powered innovations to help business leaders understand employees more deeply, recognize meaningful trends, and deliver measurable impact on business results. Qualtrics AI identifies attrition drivers in the workforce, anonymizes and summarizes employee comments, and recommends personalized actions in response to employee feedback.
  • Interplay Learning, a provider of immersive skilled trades training, launched immersive career development platform Interplay Enterprise. The platform includes nearly 500 hours of on-demand skilled trades courses, industry certification prep courses, learning paths, and 3D/virtual reality simulations crafted by industry experts. A new content manager tool makes it easy for trainers and administrators to include additional courses about topics such as leadership, management, compliance, and ethics by uploading SCORM-compliant course packages, videos, and documents. They also can use the content manager to build tailored content, quizzes, and custom learning paths.Administrators can streamline onboarding and user management with 60-plus pre-built HR systems integrations and automated assignments for courses, paths, and due dates. Interplay also provides a suite of measurement, reporting, and AI-based recommendation tools, including skills assessments and insights dashboards. 
  • ExpertusONE, a global leader in unified learning management technology, unveiled an overhauled version of its learning management platform. The unified ExpertusONE platform now supports AI across multiple functions, with seamless data integration, mobile-first design, and sophisticated administrative functionalities. Other features include: AI-native architecture, an enhanced administrative experience, a seamless learner experience, advanced data handling and security, extended enterprise capabilities, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Traliant, an online compliance training provider, added two new courses to its comprehensive training suite: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bystander Intervention. Designed to create a culture of accountability and support, these new courses also enable employers to stay compliant with the latest guidance from local governments and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Preventing Workplace Harassment training educates learners on how to recognize, de-escalate, and prevent all forms of workplace harassment and discrimination. With seven industry-specific variations tailored to construction, healthcare, hotels, manufacturing/industrial, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces, the training is customizable and compliant with state and local harassment training laws across all 50 states. Traliant’s one-hour Bystander Intervention course addresses situations where employees are not directly involved, but intervention is appropriate or necessary for instances such as harassment, microaggressions, or bullying.


Lorri Freifeld
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