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Let’s Make Representation the Priority

“Representation” is staff recognizing that there are people here who look like them (“here” meaning present in the physical location, office, etc., and also in materials, initiatives, etc.). It is where they feel that they belong.

A Wake-Up Call for HR Professionals

HR professionals need to remind leaders of the importance of helping employees feel connected.

Transforming L&D with Generative AI: 3 Applications to Explore

Whether it’s streamlining the workload of L&D teams or enhancing learning outcomes to accelerate performance and growth, genAI offers limitless possibilities.

7 Steps to Building Empathy in Yourself and in the Workplace

The following is adapted from Eric Girard’s new book, “Lead Like A Pro – The Essential Guide for New Managers,” (GTS Press, 2023)

Optimizing Remote Team Dynamics: Harnessing Recognition and Feedback

Recognition and feedback are powerful tools for driving employee alignment with business strategies.

Gen Z’s Call for Transparency: Reshaping the Workplace

Gen Zers expect openness to extend across an organization’s spectrum, from understanding pay structures and job expectations to getting a clear glimpse of the company’s culture.

What Causes Employee “Resenteeism”?

Quiet quitting was about working on autopilot to reduce stress. Resenteeism is about feeling trapped in your role and doing the bare minimum.

Balancing Boundaries and Empathy as a Leader

As you grow as an empathetic leader, you’ll learn that better-positioning others for success in empathic leadership leads to a brighter workforce.

How to Prevent Financial Stress From Overwhelming Your Employees

How can companies mitigate the effects of financial stress in the workplace when many of the underlying causes are out of their control?

Are Employees Quiet Quitting Due to Burnout?

To retain top talent, organizations must prioritize the foundational needs of their employees.

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