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Health-Care Emergency: It’s Not What You Think

It is critical for hospitals and health-care providers to attain a high level of Cultural Competency proficiency if they are going to survive. A four-step training approach can be the prescription for success.

The Shape of Talent

For many years, the corporate world has relied on two proxies to measure individual talent. The first is credentials, which provide a convenient estimate of the facts a person has mastered or the knowledge an individual possesses. The second is a person’s technical skills, which usually are assessed by previous work experience. But could there be more?

Helping Trainees Succeed Overseas

I was having brunch recently with the former VP of sales for one of the world’s most prestigious and elegant hotels, which is based in Singapore. As we got to talking, he mentioned that he was asked to be the VP of sales for a brand new hotel that was considered one of the top hotels in the world. I mentioned that one of the areas I work in is the training and development of expatriates for international assignments. His reaction was one I have heard more than 50 times: “I wish I had known you before I went to Asia.”

Supercompetent Speaking: Inject Passion and Enthusiasm Into Your Presentations

Most people would prefer to listen to anything presented enthusiastically over even the most important information presented dully. Under the right conditions, you and your audience can feed off each others’ passion and excitement, and you’ll create something special that will change their lives—and yours.

Focus on Denmark

A manager in Denmark is more a leader, a coach, a guide compared to the more directive managers of the U.S.

Leaders as Teachers: The Next Generation

Would the leaders of your organization be willing to serve as teachers of strategy, innovation, new product development, or a new diversity initiative? How well equipped are they at using blogging and other social media to teach?

Borderless Working: Cultivate Your Sense of Humor

UK-born Terence Brake was used to meeting conversations that followed a sequence of your turn, my turn. He didn’t know how to interrupt without being impolite. Desperate to prove himself in the U.S., he wrote, “My turn,” on a Post-It during one meeting and put it on the end of his nose. After the conversation ground to a halt, he explained his predicament and asked his colleagues to help by asking for his input occasionally.

The Personal Touch

Those who have had the greatest impact on our lives typically are those who took an interest in us: mentors and sponsors.

World View: Focus on Egypt

By Jean Abinader, Senior Associate, Global Dynamics Inc. Egypt’s future at the center of regional Arab and European business activity based on its large domestic market and critical geographic position is in transition. Although the Muslim Brotherhood-led government is bullish on business, there is a vocal minority distrustful of Western companies with previous regime connections.

Best Practices: Flipping the Classroom

By Neal Goodman, Ph.D., President, Global Dynamics, Inc. Is it possible to provide the learning and development that usually would take place in a classroom environment and flip it so the content is provided before the class ever meets? The value of classroom instruction is the spontaneity and serendipitous learning that cannot be replicated in an online e-learning classroom. But it is possible to use online tools for their maximum benefit and still retain the value of interpersonal interaction.

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