Productivity Coach’s Corner: A Checklist to Cultivate Deep Relationships

It also encourages future collaborations and personal development.

The following checklist fosters genuine appreciation and recognition while encouraging future collaborations, cultivating deeper relationships and personal development:

  • Express Gratitude: Begin by thanking someone for their efforts. Personalize your (preferably handwritten) note, sharing candidly how their help made you feel.
  • Acknowledge Impact: Highlight positive influences their actions had on your life or work. Provide specific details to reinforce the importance of their contribution.
  • Anticipate Future Collaborations: Emphasize you look forward to future opportunities that may arise from their contribution. Show (don’t just tell) how their actions are making a lasting impact.
Dr. Jason Womack
Dr. Jason W. Womack ( is an author, TEDx speaker, and leadership coach working with organizations as they re-imagine not just how people work together, but the way colleagues both take care of AND challenge each other. His programs help people stress less, focus more, and achieve greater levels of success…as defined by each individual who contributes to the organizational mission. His books can be found at Amazon: