Productivity Coach’s Corner: A Productive Leader Seeks Success

To achieve success this year, stop and focus on three questions: What? Who? When?

As a productive leader, you should be doing more than just getting things done. As Peter Drucker wrote, “taking action without thinking is the cause of every failure.” To achieve success this year, stop and focus on these three questions:

What? Identify a measurable goal that is at least both achievable and integral to the success of the mission of your team, department, or organization.

Who? Build your core team of mentors, colleagues, and SMEs (subject matter experts) to turn to throughout the year.

When? Set milestones, times to check in on progress in the near and mid-term to ensure you’re making progress on your MITs (Most Important Things).

Choose a strategic training initiative you have for the coming year. Then, open your calendar (on your computer, smart phone, or in your notebook) to 180 days from now, and ask yourself, “What do we need to have done by then in order to be on track or ahead of schedule with this project?” My advice, go ahead and write a three to five-paragraph response to that question 180 days from today on your calendar.

A productive leader achieves success by identifying and qualifying what that outcome will look like, who is involved in making it happen, and what positive impact it will have on the organization. Take time now to focus on achievement.

Dr. Jason Womack
Dr. Jason W. Womack ( is an author, TEDx speaker, and leadership coach working with organizations as they re-imagine not just how people work together, but the way colleagues both take care of AND challenge each other. His programs help people stress less, focus more, and achieve greater levels of success…as defined by each individual who contributes to the organizational mission. His books can be found at Amazon: