Productivity Coach’s Corner: How to Get More Done

3 rules for higher performance and productivity.

How do you know if you were a productive leader today? And how do you plan better so you get the important things done tomorrow? Here are three rules for higher performance:

  1. Know when to stop consuming. No, not food. I’m talking about information. Have you heard the acronym, “FOMO,” yet? It means “Fear of Missing Out.” Choose a project for which you have all the information you need to work on and set a 30-minute timer. Focus only on that and watch how much progress you make.
  2. Write a list of at least 40 “promises” you have made to yourself and others. In this case, a promise equals a project. Next, put a line through the ones you know you can ignore for five to seven days. Pick two you can work on between now and Friday. Review the 37 or 38 things next week. Choose two to work on. Repeat.
  3. Identify a next goal. Who you are today is different than who you were yesterday. To get more done, stop comparing yourself to how you were in the past. We are naturally wired to want something new, to want to achieve more. Use this to your advantage by clarifying a specific outcome to achieve. Now give yourself the gift of your own attention and get more done!
Dr. Jason Womack
Dr. Jason W. Womack ( is an author, TEDx speaker, and leadership coach working with organizations as they re-imagine not just how people work together, but the way colleagues both take care of AND challenge each other. His programs help people stress less, focus more, and achieve greater levels of success…as defined by each individual who contributes to the organizational mission. His books can be found at Amazon: