Tech Talk (July-Aug 2018)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

  • Say It Media, Inc. (SayIt), announced the availability of enterprise LikeSo PRO, an artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-powered communication app and management portal that helps professionals speak more effectively and articulately. It includes AIDA, an A.I. Digalogue Assistant, which uses longitudal data to shape learning and practice. LikeSo PRO is available in the Apple Store and Google Play and on your desktop as Say It Now! SayIt also announced a strategic partnership with global leader in coaching, The Speech Improvement Company. The partnership will combine SayIt’s LikeSo PRO’s intelligent learning system with The Speech Improvement Company’s trained speech coaches.
  • Textio, the developer of an augmented writing platform, released Textio Hire, which uses data from real hiring outcomes to optimize the language a company uses across its hiring teams, measurably increasing e-mail response rates from both passive candidates and active job-seekers.
  • Immersyve Inc. launched motivationWorks, a science-based engagement solution that builds and sustains a culture of motivation. Built by the founders of Self-Determination Theory, motivationWorks will help businesses measure what matters, understand key drivers of a business, and provide actionable insights to everyone in an organization—from employees to managers to executives.
Lorri Freifeld is the editor/publisher of Training magazine. She writes on a number of topics, including talent management, training technology, and leadership development. She spearheads two awards programs: the Training APEX Awards and Emerging Training Leaders. A writer/editor for the last 30 years, she has held editing positions at a variety of publications and holds a Master’s degree in journalism from New York University.