Industry Solutions: The Power of an Experienced Production Partner

Like DIY plumbing, DIY training production can be deeply unforgiving. A trusted production partner more than pays for itself.


When training budgets get cut, the impulse often is to go “DIY” with all your training efforts. But the value you think you’re gaining by doing it yourself may be costing your organization more than you realize. In other words, is a lack of vital learner engagement and lost revenue due to poor training outcomes worth the disinvestment?

Three decades of event and training production experience have taught us that whether you are hosting a large in-person training, producing a high-value virtual seminar or symposium, or developing a self-directed eLearning course, enlisting an experienced production partner pays off. Here’s why:

1. Quality: Attention drives engagement, yielding better results. Content with strong production values grabs and holds your audience’s attention faster and more securely than less polished efforts. You’ll be amazed how much difference a craftsman’s touch makes in your training ROI.

2. Speed: Even the simplest digital production tools have an associated learning curve. For time-sensitive critical trainings, avoid losing time to getting you or your staff up to speed. Instead, let seasoned professionals already familiar with the requisite technology take the wheel.

3. Flexibility: Industries change faster today than ever before, making updates to training materials inevitable. Revisions and refreshes you might find laborious are likely a snap for a dedicated production house. The value of fast and easy updates for critical work cannot be overstated.

4. Reliability: Working with a trusted production partner allows you to create a sustainable, reproducible production pipeline with directly measurable costs and results. Doing so streamlines future planning, directly benefitting your team and your organization.

5. Cost: Like DIY plumbing, DIY production can be deeply unforgiving. Rookie mistakes can have harsh consequences. Cost overruns from venues, misaligned engagement strategies, and rework due to tech failures can easily cost your organization more than the help of a production specialist. A trusted production partner more than pays for itself through better training outcomes and avoidance of unnecessary costs.

Enlisting seasoned professionals protects your training investment, maximizing your returns. The superior results a partnered approach yields more than make up for any greater up-front costs.

Bernadette Burke
Executive learning strategist Bernadette Burke is president of Brella (, a WBEcertified creative production agency for corporate events and training. Brella works with organizations to ensure their most critical experiences are delivered seamlessly and achieve exceptional audience engagement.