Tips to Create Effective E-Learning

The combination of e-learning and an ever-evolving communication system offers a sustainable way to train employees today and tomorrow.

The invention of advanced technology has been affecting our lives since its emergence and modern communication has changed almost everything in the 21st century. Learning and teaching also have been affected as a result and the concept of e-learning emerged from the same. The invention of smart devices has played a major role in creating an online course development process in the 21st century. 

Nowadays, learners have smartphones and tend to use multiple modalities. The use of smart gadgets has contributed to developing e-learning concepts and techniques in 2019. The success of e-learning techniques has indicated a vast opportunity for mobile app development companies. 

Here are some tips to make online training more effective: 

  • Simplicity. Many experts suggest keeping the online platform simple rather than making it visually attractive by including many photographs and extraneous graphics. If you are wondering how to create an online course outline, we suggest you follow the rule of thumb when designing a course for kids: Use clear visual structuring, bullet points, headings, and paragraphs so learners won’t face difficulties while taking advanced e-learning courses. 
  • Tutorial Videos. Videos are an effective tool to transmit messages. The use of photographs or videos is often more effective than reading and visual lessons. If you are unsure about how to create video lessons, you can easily create training videos with PowerPoint. Here are a few helpful resources:

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  • Create Your Goal. Designing an online training curriculum is not easy if you do not have a clear idea on the goal. You need to collect quality content for your learners that will help them learn and easily achieve their desired goals. The Internet offers plenty of opportunities to study the most successful strategies for online learning success, and you can experiment with different e-learning mobile apps widely available nowadays. Creating a proper goal will not only help your learners to understand the content but to apply the lessons in real life.
  • Design and Analysis. Focus on the course design and analysis so the curriculum highlights the technical solutions and learning activities. Take your time designing the duration, timing, and other associated details. 
  • Mobile App Development. Smartphones have revolutionized communication in the digital era. You can find hundreds of developers who have been engaged to develop e-learning mobile apps to take them to a new level. We suggest you research them to find the top Android learning apps, which are designed to enhance the learning experience with various features.
  • Quality Content. Quality content is the key to success in e-learning. Before approving a curriculum, scrutinize the whole thing again and again. You need to determine the effectiveness of the learning and training session before final approval. In addition, you have to evaluate the course design in order to understand whether it is on point or requires further modification. You also can download free e-learning mobile apps to look at content uploaded on leading platforms. 
  • Styles of E-Learning. Experiment with different styles of e-learning. You can find audiobooks, instructional video tutorials, and video PowerPoints that have revolutionized learning in the last year or two. You also can experiment with different techniques in order to understand learner preferences. 
  • Advanced Tools. You can find numerous advanced learning tools on the Internet. The emergence of Android has accelerated the process of app development; affordable e-learning mobile apps development companies now offer advanced features to make it more interesting and engaging for learners. Check out the top-rated tools first. 

The Bottom Line

E-learning continues to be an effective training delivery method in the 21st century and will see additional enhancements in the future. Mobile app development services have been positively contributing to enhancing the scenario as effective e-learning has been found to be the best approach for learning in some of the most remote places in the world. The combination of e-learning and an ever-evolving communication system offers a sustainable way to train employees today and tomorrow.

Manan Ghadawala is a regular contributor to and the founder of 21Twelve Interactive, a leading mobile app development company in India and the U.S. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives on raising the company’s growth with his talents.