Training magazine Announces 2015 Ttv Winners

Cohn Creative Group’s “EY's Metro Email Service” and LDS Church’s “Lightning Safety: Interview with a Cloud” were voted the No. 1 Top Training Videos (Ttvs) in their categories at a special awards ceremony at Howl at the Moon in Denver.

Denver, CO (October 14, 2015)—A self-deprecating cloud demonstrating his prowess with lightning and a virus-infected messenger transporting files to a desktop computer struck a chord with Online Learning Conference participants who voted the video clips No. 1 in their respective categories in Training magazine’s Top Training Videos (Ttv) awards program during a special event held October 7 at Howl at the Moon in Denver.

“Lightning Safety: Interview with a Cloud,” produced by LDS Church, took No. 1 in the videos produced in-house category. “EY’s Metro Email Service,” produced by Cohn Creative Group for EY, earned the No. 1 spot in the videos produced by a professional video company for a client category.

This is Training’s second year doing this awards program. Companies were asked to send in a two-minute training video clip. Entries were in one of two categories: produced in-house or produced by a professional video company for a client. Each company could submit two videos. Training received nearly 140 video clip submissions. Nine 2014 Emerging Training Leaders, along with one additional industry expert, judged the submissions:

  • Greg Cole, BKD
  • Theda Riggins-Crawford, Fiserv
  • Kristin Hall, PPD
  • Jennifer Hentz, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Rebecca Lockard, Advance Financial
  • Christine Marciano, Nationwide
  • Eileen Miller, Vanguard
  • Ming Ng, Paychex
  • Subadhra Parthasarathy, Cognizant
  • James Goldsmith, Accenture

The three videos that earned the top scores in each category—in-house and vendor-produced—were shown to Online Learning Conference participants at the Howl at the Moon event, which also featured dueling pianos. Participants voted for their favorite clips (based on factors such as engagement, creativity, and effectiveness) using Turning Technologies’ audience response system. Each of the three winners in both categories received crystal awards created by Pelucida for Training.

The Top 3 winners by category are:

Videos Produced In-House:


LDS Church

Judge comments: Great concept and content. Nice use of video, graphics, sound effects, and music. And the actor playing the cloud is very good.

Link to the full-length video: Safety.LDS.Org



Judge comments: Emotionally powerful video. Very good motivation video and serves its purpose for the organization’s goals.



Blood Systems, Inc.

Judge comments: Great information conveyed in a great manner. Good use of graphics; short, effective message; clever application of the musical canon (in the story and as background music).


Videos Produced by a Professional Video Company for a Client:


Cohn Creative Group for EY

Judge comments: Personified e-mail application is very clever. VERY creative—really interesting use of the low-tech ways we deal with high-tech e-mail problems.



Resonate Pictures, INC

Judge comments: I want to know what happens! That’s how much I like this video. It makes a personal connection to how many people are involved in safety and even without understanding the “how to’s.” This one’s a keeper.

LInk to the full-length video:

Spoiler alert: This clip is part of a longer video and does have a happy ending; everyone is OK at the end, and the doghouse does get built.

For more information, visit


Performance Development Group and MedImmune

Judge comments: A great way to present compliance information by leveraging storytelling. I like the fact that there are facts, figures, and a story in this video. It creates a good case for employees to do documentation.

In the interests of sharing best practices, Training asked all submitting companies if we could post the links to their videos so readers could see the innovative things they are doing with training videos. In alphabetical order by company, here are the links to the video clips applicants granted permission to us to post:


Alliance Residential Company

Trees Are Our Friends

Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

Baylor Scott & White

BSWH Project O.N.E.


Trash Talk

Overcoming Objections


All Queued Up!


My Password

Link to full-length video:

Sturgis CHS

Dial 10700


Customer Service Intelligence


Group Harmonics

How To Prepare for a Job Interview

Information Mapping International NV

Information Mapping Essentials


Thermomechanical Processing

Turning Rocks into Metals

Training Systems Design

The Photo Shoot (Allegion)

Everybody Is Smarter Than Anybody (SCE Safety and Environmental Suggestions)

The application for the 2016 Ttv awards will be available on in April 2016.


Lorri Freifeld
Lorri Freifeld is the editor/publisher of Training magazine. She writes on a number of topics, including talent management, training technology, and leadership development. She spearheads two awards programs: the Training APEX Awards and Emerging Training Leaders. A writer/editor for the last 30 years, she has held editing positions at a variety of publications and holds a Master’s degree in journalism from New York University.