Training magazine Announces 2016 Ttv Winners

VitalSmarts’ “The Janitor Story From Crucial Accountability” and Cine Learning Productions’ “CSI Misperceptions” for the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security were voted the No. 1 Top Training Videos (Ttvs) for 2016 in their categories at a special awards ceremony at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago.

Chicago, IL (September 21, 2016)—During an exciting evening that featured a surprise appearance and impromptu performance by blues icon Buddy Guy at his club in Chicago, 2016 Online Learning Conference participants voted video clips featuring a savvy school janitor and not-so savvy crime scene investigators No. 1 in their respective categories in Training magazine’s Top Training Videos (Ttv) awards program. “The Janitor Story From Crucial Accountability,” produced by VitalSmarts, took No. 1 in the videos produced in-house category. “CSI Misperceptions,” produced by Cine Learning Productions for the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security, earned the No. 1 spot in the videos produced by a professional video company for a client category.

This is Training’s third year doing this awards program. Companies were asked to send in a two-minute video clip of one of their training programs. Entries were in one of two categories: produced in-house or produced by a professional video company for a client. Each company could submit two videos. Training received more than 100 video clips. Five Emerging Training Leaders, along with one additional industry expert, judged the submissions:

  • Jack Carbone, Victaulic
  • Huligeshwari Devi, Tech Mahindra
  • Carmen Murrell Randall, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.
  • Swarnasudha Selvaraj, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
  • Lisa Vallad, University of Colorado
  • James Goldsmith, Accenture

The three videos that earned the top scores in each category—in-house and vendor-produced— were shown to Online Learning Conference participants at the special event at Buddy Guy’s Legends. Participants voted for their favorite clips (based on factors such as engagement, creativity, and effectiveness) using Turning Technologies’ audience response system. Each of the three winners in both categories received crystal awards created by Pelucida for Training.

The Top 3 winners by category are:

Videos Produced In-House:

No. 1: The Janitor Story From Crucial Accountability


Judge comments: The video teaches how to identify problems and bring about behavioral changes in, for example, a group or team, without raising conflicts. The video is well directed and scripted. A great way to show the message. Retainability ensured!


No. 2: #chuckleheads


Judge comments: The humorous style of the video is entertaining and engaging. The script is unique and well executed.


Password: subm02

No. 3: Daily Stand-Up Meeting


Judge comments: An effective and engaging video that provides a look at the Agile process using a witty and informative script… Beyond that, I like the concept and may try to implement something similar with my team.


Videos Produced by a Professional Video Company for a Client:

No. 1: CSI Misperceptions

Cine Learning Productions for the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security

Judge comments: An entertaining and effective use of humor to make some key points about what CSI work is and is not. Lots of nice touches and funny moments (the mirror scene, the “slam dunk”). Also, the selective use of text to reinforce key points is effective.


No. 2: Why Salespeople Just Can’t Shut Up

Rapid Learning Institute

Judge comments: Good visualization. Nice motion graphics. I like the idea of the scenario before course objectives, for better understanding about the topics to be covered.


No. 3: Norton Healthcare Hand Hygiene

K@alyst Creative for Norton Healthcare

Judge comments: A well-written and well-produced telestration with nice touches, such as using the graphic of the jet to help the viewer visualize the large numbers involved and mapping the five process steps to the five fingers of the hand.


Password: hands

In the interest of sharing best practices, Training asked all submitting companies if we could post the links to their videos so readers could see the innovative things they are doing with training videos. In alphabetical order by company, here are the links to the video clips applicants granted permission to post:


Big 5 Sporting Goods

The Big 5 Intranet


Finance Vital Behaviors: Body Language

Mastec Advanced Technologies

GGO Trilogy Trailer

Servus Credit Union

Business Continuity Program Training at Servus Credit Union


American Technologies, Inc.

Water Loss Training


Commvault Unlocking Potential Overview Video

CubeSmart, LLC

How to WOW! Customers with Disabilities--Module 2: Vision Disabilities

d’Vinci Interactive

Secondary Trauma

University Health System

A Legacy of Compassion: Robert B. Green to NOW

The application for the 2017 Ttv awards will be available on in April 2017.


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