Training magazine Announces 2018 TTV Winners

“Quick Quiz! What’s the Most Important Number at Gilead?” by Training Systems Design and “Fentanyl: The Real Deal” by U.S. Customs and Border Protection earn the #1 spot in the vendor-produced and in-house categories, respectively.

Safety played a starring role in the 2018 Top Training Videos (TTVs) as both the #1 awards in the in-house and vendor-produced categories went to clips with a focus on employee well-being: “Quick Quiz! What’s the Most Important Number at Gilead?” and “Fentanyl: The Real Deal.”

2018 is Training’s fifth year conducting the Top Training Videos (TTVs) awards program. Companies were asked to send in a two-minute video clip of one of their training programs. Entries were in one of two categories: produced in-house or produced by a professional video company for a client. Each company could submit upt to two videos. Training received nearly 70 video clips. Judging the submissions were:

  • Ellen Finkelstein, Author, Speaker, and PowerPoint MVP,
  • James Goldsmith, Learning Architect, Accenture
  • Hanan Harb, Instructional Design Expert, DPR Construction
  • Steve Haskin, Chief Creator, Industrial Strength Learning
  • Michele Israel, Learning Experience Designer, Michele Israel Educational Writing & Consulting
  • Matt Pierce, Learning & Video Ambassador, TechSmith Corp.
  • Sam Rogers, President, Snap Synapse LLC

The judges rated the video clips in terms of learner engagement, production value/creativity, and results/effectiveness.

The three videos that earned the top scores in each category—in-house and vendor-produced—were shown to 2018 Online Learning Conference (OLC) participants at the awards ceremony in Chicago on October 8. Participants voted via text for their favorite clips (based on factors such as engagement, creativity, and effectiveness), and the clips were ranked first, second, and third based on those votes. Each of the three winners in both categories received crystal awards created by Pelucida for Training.

The Top 3 2018 TTV winners by category are:


#1: “Quick Quiz! What’s the Most Important Number at Gilead?”

Training Systems Design for Gilead

This training has helped Gilead employees remember the proper response in the event of an emergency and has improved employee situational awareness. Gilead employees reveal, “Taking this training made me feel safer and has provided me with the skills to be safer in the event of an emergency.”

Judge comments: Well done, well paced. Clear, short, and to the point. Overall, a fun video. And nice use of Legos!


#2: “PwC Pursuit: What Clients Hear”

Cohn Creative Group for PwC

Cohn Creative Group has worked with PwC over several years to create training materials for this sales methodology. Over that time, the training has evolved from a live, instructor-led 4-hour course to the current 1-hour online experience. The scenario-based case studies allow professionals to see the methodology in action rather than study it abstractly.

Judge comments: So clever and easy to grasp. The presentations make their points. I like the split screen and the humorous approach.


#3: “My Car Won’t Start: The Power of Structured Questioning”


When clients are asked what makes Kepner-Tregoe training so powerful, they always talk about the value of asking better questions when solving difficult problems. This video has helped participants break down barriers so they’re willing to learn more about asking better questions and changing their behavior.

Judge comments: Clever analogy—something most people can understand: The car won’t start and then some phone calls with potentially “silly” questions that are not helpful or “I told you so” comments. They used the simple template I’ve seen in a lot of videos, but the human voices made it more impactful (rather than the default robot voices).



#1: “Fentanyl: The Real Deal”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Several screenings of this video were done with federal, state, and city police departments within the D.C. metro area. Reactions included:

“I need to get this out to my officers as soon as possible!”

“I had no idea it was that easy to protect myself.”

“Six minutes! I could have watched a lot more!”

Judge comments: High quality all the way! I like the use of the combination of music, infographics, a variety of shots, action, and interviews. It was highly engaging and informative. I feel like overall this will not only grab the attention of the audience but leave them confident that they can be better off.


#2: “Jurassic Sales Call”


The company notes that this video gets big laughs from all of its audiences and has increased engagement.

Judge comments: Clever, original, and funny. The video makes a strong statement—one I won’t forget soon. Well done! I like the exaggeration as a starter. It can give people pause about their engagement and invite them to think about how to “behave” during a sales pitch and how to read cues.


#3: “Building It Together: New Hire Onboarding”

Alliance Residential Company

The company notes that by including this video with its new brand awareness materials as part of the onboarding training, there is a stronger sense from associates as to what Alliance Residential does and how they fit into the organization. In addition, the company is starting to see higher satisfaction scores on its 30-, 60-, and 90-day surveys for new hires.

Judge comments: Well-done video. Super creative. A great hype video (a video to get people excited or feeling good about something).

All six winning video clips are posted on and on Training’s YouTube channel and listed in the OLC Show Wrap-Up in the November/December 2018 issue of Training magazine.



In the interest of sharing best practices, Training asked all submitting companies if we could post the links to their videos so readers could see the innovative things they are doing with training videos. In alphabetical order by company, here are the links to the video clips applicants granted permission to post:


The World Is Changing, Learn to Love the Flux

FORUM Credit Union



Creating Microlearning Videos with PowerPoint

Daniel Jones



How to Identify a Laser Drilled Diamond


Link: Laser Drilled Diamonds 2 MINUTE - Storyline output/story.html


How to Identify a Fake Diamond Moissanite Stone


Link: Moissanite Stones 2 MINUTE - Storyline output/story.html


Challenges and Opportunities for the US Academic Research Enterprise

NextThought Studios



Responding to Client Objections

Handshaw, Inc.



The Importance of Communication

Handshaw, Inc.



Iterate: Run a Fast, Flexible, Focused Management Team

Group Harmonics



Brilliant Presenter

Simon T. Bailey International, Inc.



MuniciPALS with Dan & Friends

New York City Conflicts of Interest Board



The Conflict Zone with Gavin & Roy

New York City Conflicts of Interest Board

Link: The Conflict Zone:



Beyond Compliance: SHIFTing to a More Inclusive Culture

SHIFT HR Compliance Training, LLC


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