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According to Impact Instruction Group’s 2015 Learning and Development Technology Trends Report, e-learning ranked No. 1 in technology investment.

Highlights from Impact Instruction Group’s 2015 Learning and Development Technology Trends Report, which surveyed industry leaders on technology trends across several areas, include:

  1. Investment: At 85 percent, e-learning still ranked No. 1 in technology investment, but Webinars came in second, with an increase of 17% over last year. Videos also jumped 20% this year over last, the largest increase. Virtual Networking was a new category this year, with 40% of respondents investing in it.

  2. Strategy: The majority of respondents (44%) said they have new mobile devices in their organizations, and now need a learning strategy to address it.

  3. Staffing: When asked how their staff is going to address mobile trends, the majority of respondents (35%) stated that they are going to train their current staff. Some 12% are looking to add new team members with strong mobile technology backgrounds and skills, while 11% plan to outsource mobile technology to vendors.

  4. Enterprise Social Networking Tool: Of the 50% that said they use an enter- prise social networking tool, 49% allow learners to post questions and seek answers from co-workers, 43% allow learners to share knowledge and work experience, and 40% allow learners to pull work-related information and learning. Only 26% use the tool to push out learning, and 11% analyze conversations to identify learners’ needs.

  5. Adoption of xAPI: None of the respondents have implemented Experience API (xAPI), and 48% said they have no plans to implement the behavior technology.

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Lorri Freifeld
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