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Life Technologies’ new learning platform, MoDU (Mobile Digital University), affords one-click access through single sign-on from the company intranet, e-mail, and/or iPad.


Global life sciences company Life Technologies faced several challenges as it moved into fiscal year 2012:

  • Provide development opportunities to a diverse and globally dispersed employee population
  • Offer easy course access on a multitude of learning topics
  • Enable learners mobile access to the development that helps them be more successful in their roles

Faced with these challenges, “we developed a strategy that would result in a highly customizable learning experience that could be deployed through an easily accessible and robust platform—leading to tailored, just-in-time, highly distributed development opportunities,” explains Lucas Vitale, director of Learning & Talent Management. “Through this strategy, we built a new learning platform to provide instant access to engaging online content.”

Running approximately 20 minutes or less, modules in this new e-learning platform are single-topic focused for just-in-time learning and are grouped into series, which cover a broader range of content.

All modules are accessed through Life Technologies’ new platform, MoDU (Mobile Digital University), which affords one-click access through single sign-on from the company intranet, e-mail, and/or iPad. A Quick Reference Guide, articles, white papers, and self-guided facilitator materials support each module.

Technical features of MoDU include a catalog that supports multiple languages, tracking capability for reporting and metrics, certificates of completion, and availability within the app for downloading modules for offline viewing.

Learning content is available in the cloud for Life Technologies employees, and the MoDU application is available in the Apple app store.

MoDU launched May 30; as of the end of August, 22,000-plus modules had been viewed by 48 percent of Life Technologies employees, Vitale says. “We have delivered more than 5,000 hours of content and continue to get positive feedback from employees on the ease of use and value of the learning.”

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Lorri Freifeld
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