Training Top 125 Best Practice: Aon Client Promise Academy

Aon Client Promise Academy’s Client Service Model (CSM) teaches consultation skills and how to showcase the way Aon delivers value to clients.

Aon plc is a provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and Human Resources solutions and outsourcing services. Acquiring more than 500 companies over many years offered a key opportunity for Aon to assess and develop a consistent approach to client service and training.

Aon Client Promise Academy’s Client Service Model (CSM) was the result, teaching consultation skills and how to showcase the way Aon delivers value to clients.

Program Details

Sponsored at the most senior levels of Aon, CSM is a framework for how employees interact with clients. It creates a shared language and common methodology of working with clients, and helps Aon best understand client needs before offering solutions.

Managers attend the CSM Intro, a two-day leaders-as-teachers-delivered program. Senior leaders attend CSM, a three-day leaders-as-teachers-delivered, fast-paced, interactive learning session with 80 percent of learning coming from four fictional client role-plays and two “real-plays” using an actual client scenario.

The skills learned in CSM Intro and CSM enhance and supplement the Aon Client Promise methods, tools, and processes.

Key learning includes:

  • A consistent framework for interacting with clients regardless of size, scope, location, or vertical
  • Key concepts such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback, and the SOWS framework (Situation, Opportunity, Walls, and Solutions) for sequential questioning to understand the client’s definition of value and for impactful dialogue with clients
  • A shared method and culture around delivering distinctive client value

The cross-business-unit program also gives colleagues the opportunity to network within their own unit and across other business units and/or countries


Aon measures programs utilizing Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and measures return on investment in a verified approach through its partner, Metrics That Matter. Aon assesses program success through measurement vehicles distributed to participants, their managers, and external benchmarks, all of which validate learning outcomes, learning application, and return on investment calculations.

Some 252 managers attended CSM Introduction last year. Metrics That Matter calculated:

Monetary benefit: $5,115/participant

Cost: $1,000

Net Promoter: 76 percent

Some 356 leaders attended CSM last year. Metrics That Matter calculated:

Monetary benefit: $5,580/participant

Cost: $1,000

Net Promoter: 74 percent

In addition, according to Aon’s most recent engagement survey, 65 percent of sales professionals are engaged, meeting the company’s goal.


Training Top 125

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