Training Top 125 Best Practice: JanssenLearn

The mobile tool created by Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies for Johnson & Johnson provides just-in-time learning experiences to commercial employees on a variety of critical selling skills.

Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies for Johnson & Johnson has a decentralized learning ecosystem, and historically each franchise has relied on its own technological infrastructure to support the delivery and management of training. Since 2016, Janssen executive leadership has been promoting the concept of “One Janssen.” In support of this strategic goal, Learning leaders decided to consolidate multiple technology solutions into one comprehensive system: JanssenLearn.

JanssenLearn consolidates learning platforms across NA Pharm and strategically advances the organization to develop a unified Sales Learning & Development (L&D) roadmap by sector and franchise. The system is an open API enablement tool available to 6,000-plus learners across five operating companies. Sales L&D directors, the senior director of IT, senior director of Commercial Excellence, VP of Oncology, VP of Sales, and VP of Business Services Procurement collaborated with the project team to scope, budget, design, and roll out JanssenLearn.

Program Details

The mobile tool provides just-in-time learning experiences to commercial employees on a variety of critical selling skills. JanssenLearn is not a learning management system (LMS) but rather a continuous learning performance support system. The system introduces features that reduce the time it takes to locate content for onboarding, continuous learning, and ongoing meetings. It also provides a consumer grade experience to the mobile field force by upgrading existing functionality and providing new features based on field insights.

JanssenLearn features include:

  • Availability on laptop and iPad; it is platform agnostic
  • Personalized content curricula
  • Simple Content Library that includes: Filter/Sort, Recently Added, Trending, Favorites
  • Assignment functionality
  • Access to Management Development content
  • Integration with the Field Coaching Report 

JanssenLearn allows the organization to assign courses, track completion, and gather learner feedback (learners have the ability to “like” the experiences). They soon will be able to curate the content that is most relevant to their needs by creating their own content lists and share content with colleagues. 

The entire JanssenLearn platform is built on the spirit of reinforcement. Content is available on an as-needed basis for employees to learn, refresh, rehearse, and master at any point in time in their professional development. One specific example of long-term reinforcement is the integration of JanssenLearn with Field Coaching Reports. After sales leaders conduct ride-alongs with their sales representatives, they complete a Field Coaching Report (FCR) detailing what they observed and areas of improvement. Their performance recommendations now directly link to resources in JanssenLearn so sales reps can easily identify, access, and consume learning just-in-time to continually hone their knowledge and skills.

Senior leaders work with L&D to support the ongoing success of this initiative via a governance model that includes the following:

1. Capability Advancement

  • Business case and business need definition across franchises
  • Centralized enhancements list (currently 50-plus items)
  • Monthly review and prioritization process
  • NA Pharma representation vendor forums

2. Administration

  • Content and user administration (shared content)
  • Ownership of seat count (licenses)
  • Naming/nomenclature conventions/standards
  • Change management and communication

3. Support

  • Multi-tier support for field and home office 
  • Defined service level agreements (SLAs) and escalation points


Level 3:

  • Since February 2018: 37,000 content views; 200,000 in-app minutes; 945 assignments; and 1,985 content pieces
  • Time away from field sales customers decreased. And 4,000 local and self-directed assignments were given that did not require travel and time away from customers.

Level 4:

  • The single app system has replaced six legacy learning systems, providing cost savings for the company and efficiency for the target learners. Janssen has created greater efficiencies with content creation and distribution because everything is in one location. 
  • The organization forecasts $705,000 in annual cost savings. 


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