Training Top 125 Best Practice: MasTec Utility Services’ One Vision

Technology platform One Vision provides automated incident recording and intuitive data tracking, enabling MasTec Utility Services’ Training team to strategically focus its efforts on the most vital/challenging components of the business.

MasTec Utility Services learned in 2018 that animal/insect bites accounted for 8 percent of its employees’ injuries. So the company’s goal for 2019 was to improve employee safety by reducing the frequency of animal/insect bites by 3 percent. Another goal established was to reduce the number of motor vehicle incidents within MasTec Utility Services by 25 percent.

In response, MasTec made a significant financial, time, and resource investment in a strategic tool that would enable it to pinpoint training needs and impacts in real time. This strategic tool is a technology platform called One Vision. 

Program Details

MasTec launched One Vision in January 2018. It provides automated incident recording and intuitive data tracking, enabling the Training team to strategically focus its efforts on the most vital/challenging components of the business. Several vice presidents were involved in the design and development of the One Vision system. They participated in “Tiger Teams” that were responsible for providing subject matter expertise and determining the scope of what the system would track and how metrics should be displayed. 

One Vision provides dozens of customizable dashboards to enable the company to view and analyze performance and safety incidents in real time. Whether it’s bar charts or graphs, color-coded or sorted, the amount of customization built into the dashboards empowers the Training team with previously unheard of abilities to uncover safety issues and discover potential training solutions. This is made possible through technology that most of its peers and competitors in the industry do not yet have access to.

The Training team meets regularly with senior leadership and Safety professionals to review the metrics and discuss how training has impacted them or may address any negative trends going forward. 

The One Vision tool and implementation supports the entire business. Every employee division and region within the organization is represented within the tool, and employees throughout the organization have access to the system. Training was provided to all employees to ensure all users understand the functionality and usability.

MasTec utilizes both short- and long-term review and reinforcement steps to ensure adequate awareness of the information and that the proper steps are being taken. Although detailed information in One Vision is available in real time at any moment, all key safety and incident metrics are shared via One Vision on a weekly basis on Friday afternoons. The Employee Development Team reviews these metrics to ensure their efforts are targeted toward the right opportunities. If any new trends start to develop, the team brings options and recommendations to the Operations team to align on direction. 

Long-term reinforcement occurs through an annual meeting each October. Approximately 100 Safety, Training, and Operations professionals meet every year to review and discuss the training initiatives that have been mapped to specific safety and business opportunities. They take a look back at the year and discuss strategy for the upcoming year based on One Vision trends. The president, executive vice presidents, and vice presidents all participate in the facilitation of these October meetings where One Vision data and respective training programs are evaluated. They weigh in with support and guidance around how training initiatives need to be mapped to the One Vision safety and incident data.


Real-time access to the information helped MasTec scope and tailor a multifaceted defensive driving program to shift its culture and change its driving behaviors. As a result, it was able to reduce the number of accidents by 33 percent, exceeding the corporate goal by 8 percent. 

One Vision analysis also inspired the company to relaunch a campaign around its Working Safely Outdoors training. The knowledge and skill gained regarding how to spot and avoid animals such as dogs, snakes, bees, and others led to a significant reduction of incidents. Animal and insect bites now represent 4.3 percent of MasTec’s safety incidents, a 3.7 percent reduction, exceeding the company’s strategic business goal by .7 percent.


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