Training Top 125 Best Practice: SE2’s TPM Learning Factory

SE2 has seen 30 to 45 percent increases in Technical Project Managers (TPM) new hire readiness capability on the job, compared to previous TPM new hires who did not attend the TPM Learning Factory.

A leading technology and business-process-as-a-service (BPaaS) provider focused on the North American life and annuity insurance industry, SE2 is challenged with delivering more than half a million project hours to its customers every year. SE2’s success depends heavily on producing capable Technical Project Managers (TPM) and delivery resources. The TPM Learning Factory has provided a foundation and framework for producing the level of resources required to support this critical role (the Technical function is almost half of the organization).

Program Details

A blended learning approach was required for this program to be successful. Portions of the “rote” memorization pieces are delivered through in-person classroom training, accompanied by peer-to-peer practice and support. The industry training sections are Web-based. Key role- specific training is accomplished through experiential learning with scenario-based simulation and role-play. A shadowing framework allows learners to work side-by-side with experienced TPMs on real-world projects focusing on key program learning objectives.

For reinforcement of the concepts post-completion, learners continue one-on-one with a trainer on a weekly basis for two weeks and then transition to one-on-one with the new manager after two weeks. During one-on-ones, they discuss learning gaps that need to be filled and receive answers to questions they have about the process. Learners and their trainer also meet with their assigned team’s leadership and gather feedback about performance and adherence to process.


TPM Learning Factory graduates are able to step into a production role and offer immediate value to their new project team. They have established an existing network built within the organization, and are able to build trust faster with stakeholders. 

Based on Level 3 feedback, SE2 already has seen 30 to 45 percent increases in TPM new hire readiness capability on the job, compared to previous TPM new hires who did not attend the TPM Learning Factory. 

In addition to creating a career pathway for internal candidates for positions typically difficult to fill, there is a significant financial impact of using a TPM Learning Factory graduate vs. a consultant. The program would reduce the average cost of a TPM by 20 percent. SE2 added four additional TPMs to its 2018 team.

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