Transforming Learning Results Through Talent Activation

As training leaders look ahead and assess new technology, a big question is on the table. How can companies create a learning environment where employees become a competitive advantage?

Many look to technology to provide that advantage. However, survey results show strong dissatisfaction with HR technology.

  • A 2016 Brandon Hall technology survey indicated that 47% of respondents were dissatisfied with HCM technology
  • Only 9% of HR professionals believe that HR technology has revolutionized their businesses according to a 2015 SilkRoad survey

Key Challenges Create Disconnect

What drives the disconnect? One reason is that the process is not sustained. For example, once initial training and the orientation process completes and the new hires move on, the learning foundation built in those early days is not carried into a continuous, long-term program.

To accomplish learning results that impact business outcomes, it’s time for a different approach. Experiences need to take place throughout the entire employee lifecycle as opposed to disparate and disconnected activities. HR faces a “constantly on” environment that needs to empower aligned, skilled and motivated employees. The forward-thinking training leader, who leverages technology, knows that their organizations must adapt to workplace preferences and needs of new generations.

Take Learning to a New Level: Talent Activation

It’s time for organizations to raise the bar on training practices: talent activation. Talent activation engages talent for better business outcomes through a heightened “employee first” focus and by delivering innovative technology that meets the demands of employees who are highly mobile, familiar with consumer apps and information hungry.

Connected Employee Experiences — the Talent Activation Continuum

Talent activation transforms traditional talent management and employee development into a measurable continuum of experiences that connect and empower employees to advance organizational goals. Talent activation connects each experience and empowers employees to create a real strategic business advantage.

This new approach can overcome the challenges of old school learning solutions and provide solutions that truly serve business goals in three ways:

  1. Providing apps that meet today’s needs
  2. Continuously connecting experiences
  3. Leveraging actionable analytics

Why is Talent Activation Different?

Talent activation differs in five ways from traditional solutions:

  • Adapts to your business: Configurable to your processes — specific to your business. Simple and easy. Specific to the way you want your view to look.
  • Works where you work: Flexible to where, when and how you work, including your favorite mobile devices and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Continuous engagement: Activities and interactions facilitate great, ongoing experiences — they aren’t one and done. Great experiences for the entire business, including candidates, employees, managers and executives.
  • Works with what you have: Open and connected apps allow you to connect with other solutions, including open APIs that makes it easy to plug and play with what you own today.
  • Measurable & actionable: Insights that allow your business to make more informed decisions and take prescriptive action. Causing the business to be more competitive and productive.

This modern continuum of experiences uses employee-friendly apps that reimagine historical talent management solutions: recruiting; onboarding; learning; performance management. By focusing first on the employee experience, talent activation consumerizes HR technology with flexible engagement apps on the front end, while opening them up to connect and work with existing technologies for payroll, benefits, time and attendance, as well as workhorse systems like Microsoft Office 365. Mobility and cross-device ease provides highly engaging experiences to all constituents of the business. Talent activation solutions double down on analytics, expanding the historical views into predictive and prescriptive actionable insights that go beyond reports and compliance to support business strategies and goals.

Talent activation solutions put the employee at the forefront and orchestrate positive experiences with the business, catering to how and when each employee wants to work, on what device(s) and a host of other preferences. This enables organizations to engage employees with learning and development at the most opportune times and empowers faster, more productive, motivated and inspired business results.

When training departments put employees at the center of the business, employees don’t just meet development expectations; they excel. They become competitive differentiators.

Better Learning Outcomes Through Talent Activation

Talent activation helps businesses source, retain and maximize the contributions of top talent to boost the bottom line. Training leaders can leverage talent activation to connect the dots between employee development and business outcomes in a measurable way for ongoing success.


Whether you want to source, hire and recruit top talent, onboard them fast and stay with them as they develop into top performers, SilkRoad Talent Activation can help. For more information, visit, or call 866-329-3363.