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Leadership Development Must Deliver Impact

Research shows that executives want to see what the behavior change influences in the organization as a result of leadership development programs.

Coaching Pays Off

Research from the International Coach Federation (ICF) suggests that companies that invest in coaching have an average return on investment (ROI) of seven times the initial investment.

Revolutionizing Leadership Development with Systemic Team Coaching

Coaching the “systems” within teams helps build a psychologically safe space for individuals and groups with measurable goals aligned to organizational needs.

Debunking the Silver Bullet Myth in Recruitment

Success will stem from implementing numerous small improvements incrementally across various areas such as training, widening candidate pools, and flattening organizational structures.

Leadership Trends 2023 vs 2024

The leadership trends for 2024 will largely build upon those that emerged in 2023. Learn about the leadership trends in 2023 vs 2024.

The Sky’s the Limit…

...for these fast-rising 2023 Emerging Training Leaders.

Path to Productivity

Training programs at Applied Materials, Inc., aim to boost continued productivity improvement across the enterprise.

Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Harris Health System’s Supervisor/Manager Skill Building

The curriculum combines action-learning activities, simulations, group discussions, team exercises, lectures, case studies, and projects to help prepare leaders for the challenges of healthcare transformation.

Using GenAI for Efficient Employee Performance Reviews

By leveraging GenAI for performance reviews, companies can streamline and enhance the evaluation process with data-driven insights.

Mastering the Art of Storytelling for Stakeholder Engagement

Stories have the power to shape perceptions, influence decisions, and forge connections. Learn how to master the art of storytelling.

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