Bob Pike

The Power of Quotes to Teach and Inspire

Quotes are tiny sound bites that touch both our thoughts and feelings as we hear them—or read them.

Overcoming Barriers to Change

Understanding the barriers to change can help us put things in place to overcome them.

Where Do You Want to Be a Year From Now?

As we end the year and begin a new one, I’d like to challenge you to spend some time reflecting. Find a piece of paper and write down your answers to four questions.

The Virtual Trainer (Part 2)

Bad classroom training doesn’t get better on a Webinar. Here are seven tips for successful delivery of training via Webinar.

The Virtual Trainer (Part 1)

Transferring face-to-face classroom energy strategies to the virtual environment.

Tough Times Never Last—Prepared L&D Professionals Do!

Let me challenge you to use this challenging time as an opportunity to prepare and grow—rather than simply marking time.

Maximizing the Impact of All Your Training Efforts in 2020

You’re working hard to deliver training that is as good as you can make it—now make sure your clients (internal and external) view that training as a solution, not just an activity.

Simple Math?

Axiology teaches us the difference between composition—adding something to make a thing more valuable—and transposition—taking something away and thereby making the thing less valuable.

Make Yourself Modular

Take a lesson from e-learning: Reuse and repurpose learning content and processes—and your training skills.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Rotating line workers through the Training function has proven to be an effective practice, but the proliferation of “short-time” trainers comes with its concerns.

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