Bob Pike

Overcoming Barriers to Change

Understanding the barriers to change can help us put things in place to overcome them.

Where Do You Want to Be a Year From Now?

As we end the year and begin a new one, I’d like to challenge you to spend some time reflecting. Find a piece of paper and write down your answers to four questions.

Breaking Out Of The Box

As Training professionals, we need to go beyond the “traditional” right answers and look for new solutions if we hope to get better results from our training efforts (or even maintain current results!).

Want To Eliminate Scrap Learning?

Start by involving managers in the process of training. Coach them on how to prepare people to come to class. And help them develop learning implementation contracts.

Learning from Mistakes

If we as instructors focus on progress instead of perfection, it makes it easier for our learners to do the same thing.

Taking Training (And Results) To The Next Level

Training measurement helps us get rid of “scrap learning”—learning that is delivered but never used.

The Human Factor

It is always a good idea to “watch your economics,” but be careful not to forget that caring about people is one of the most essential characteristics of successful trainers.

Training To Be Prepared

The key is momentum. It’s easier to keep your balance on a bike that is moving. A wrong decision can be changed. No decision leaves you with the problem.

Deliver Results, Not Just Training

Helping your company get results can win support for your training.


How Do You Know You’ve Succeeded As A Trainer?

If this is all I ever hear after a presentation, it will be enough: “I felt you were here to benefit me.”

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